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Eyes to Zion
Eyes to Zion
Christians for Israel presented a diverse collection of songs by artists with hearts for Israel and Eyes to Zion. 1.Watchman (Rebekah Cummings), 2.Daughter of Zion (Claire Senko Pipe), 3.My Help (Anthony Meek) 4.For Rachel's Sake (Cheryl Amabile) 5.Esther Come Forward (Rebekah Cummings & Laura Senko) 6.Songs for the Land (Heather Harnett) 7.Let Us Go (Anthony Meek) 8.Lament for Canada (Barbara & Barry Simmons 9. Eyes to Zion (Laura Senko) 10.Walk with God Together (Bob Bryden) 11.Emmaus Road (David Rosen& Ruth Fazel)
Price 9,95 €