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Eyes to Zion "Sing a New Song"
Eyes to Zion 'Sing a New Song'
1.Sing a new Song (Rebekah Cummings) 2.Naomi (Andrea Gal) 3.Psalm 147,148 (Amber Sloss) 4.Ancient of Days (Dan Cummings) 5.O Jerusalem (Sonia Reid) 6.Mysteries (Claire Senko Pipe) 7.Arise and Shine (Amber Sloss) 8.My Child (Jeffrey Horney) 9.Aliyah (Anna Frenette and Melanie Senko) 10.O My Love (Monique Coretti) 11.One True God (Andrea Gal) 12.Now More Than Ever (Dan Cummings)
Price 9,95 €