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West Africa: Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone

We are pleased to announce that, following an extensive process, Christians for Israel’s new office responsible for West Africa has just been given official recognition in Nigeria, under the name Christian People for Israel. Under leadership of Bishop Elemi Eni Samson, Christian People for Israel is now laying the foundations in order to raise more awareness in the churches in Western Africa about God’s love for Israel and the Jewish people, and raise prayer, financial and practical support for Israel. A media campaign has been launched in Nigeria, and contacts are being made with leaders of all church denominations.

In partnership with Christians for Israel International, a series of conferences and meetings are being organized in Western Africa in November 2011.
11th-12th Nov Uyo, Nigeria
13th-15th Nov Port Harcourt, Nigeria
16th-17th Nov Lagos, Nigeria
18th-19th Nov Accra, Ghana
22nd-23rd Nov Freetown, Sierra Leone

The main speakers at these meetings will be Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer (President, C4I International and author of the book Why Israel?), Mr. Jos van Westing (C4I International Director – Africa), and Bishop Elemi Eni Samson (President, Christian People for Israel) .

In addition, we hope and pray that meetings will be possible with high level leaders in each of these countries. Please pray for Bishop Samson and Jos van Westing and their team as they prepare for these important meetings.

For more information, or to register for these conferences, please contact us:
Bishop Elemi Samson:
Jos van Westing: