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Jerusalem is a unique city - a holy place for many people around the world and the focus of world history, especially now that we have entered into what the Bible calls: the End Times. Jerusalem is mentioned over 800 times in the Bible. Ezekiel 38 even describes Jerusalem as 'the center of the earth'. This series explores the significance of this unique city from a Biblical point of view. It puts Jerusalem into a historical, theological and prophetic perspective and shows the ancient and spiritual roots of Jerusalem, the central place of the temple, Jerusalem in relation to the Kingdom and the role of Jerusalem in the End Times. Most of all it shows that Jerusalem is a sign of hope for the whole world. 

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The series ‘Why End Times?’ explores God’s prophetic plans for Israel and the nations. This is not another end-time theory but a teaching scholarly grounded on God’s Holy Word. It provides an in-depth analysis concerning the prophetic significance of Israel and her relationship to the nations. This subject is greatly needed to enlighten the Body of Christ and all people to gain a new understanding about what to expect and what to prepare for as the Coming of Christ draws closer.

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The series Why Israel? explores the biblical significance of Israel and the Jewish people for Christians today. It gives an inside look from a biblical, historical and prophetic perspective at God's work with Israel. We see miracles happen in our days: the Jews are returning to the Promised Land just as the Bible prophesied. It brings to light that God has not forgotten the Jewish people and that Jesus is coming soon! This new series of Why Israel? challenges the church to embrace and bless the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. It also shows how Israel is a sign of hope to the world.

The series contains 10 chapters of approx. 25 minutes each. The English DVD set incl. a study guide. 

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