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Koen Carlier and Jaap de Vreugd visited Cluj Napoca in Romania on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th June.

Cluj Napoca is situated in the heart of Transylvania, a region covering approx. 100,000 km˛ in the central and northwest part of Romania. Since 1945 a part of modern Romania, the region of Transylvania has been historically the subject of controversy and conflict between Romania and Hungary, both claiming sovereignty over the area at different periods. Of the 7 million inhabitants, the main ethnic groups are Romanian (76%) and Hungarian (20%).

In Cluj Napoca, C4I is partnering with the Trans-Silvanus Instutute, led by the charismatic Hungarian Reformed pastor Leventhe Horváth.

Founded in 2007, the goal of The Trans-Silvanus Institute (TSI) is to provide training and education for those called to serve The Body of Christ in the fields of evangelism and Christian service. TSI takes its name from Silvanus (another name for Silas) who was called into missionary service by the apostles Peter and Paul. Our vision is to serve both our local Transylvania and other areas of need throughout the world.
The Trans-Silvanus Institute (TSI) is founded on reformed theological principles. It is the only institution of its kind in Romania, and bears the responsibility of training deacons, evangelists, foreign and domestic missionaries, and missionary support teams. We offer our students an advanced theoretical education as well as practical knowledge which can be applied directly in the field. We value each student’s unique gifts of grace and help him / her to discover and develop them via work in a Christian community, individual mentoring, and pastoral care. In this way, we help to guide each student in the direction that he / she may best serve The Body of Christ.