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Brussels - While the European Coalition for Israel for many of its 8 years of existence has been an organisation where a few have achieved much, we began to make some changes in our strategy after our conference at the beginning of November. We aim to start mobilizing, training and equipping grassroots activists around Europe. ”A few can mobilize many and the many can make a difference.”

Our recent campaign to counter the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state was a good example of what we can achieve together. Through partner organisations and individual activists, we were able to convey our message to a number of government ministers around the world, even beyond Europe. The end result was that the declaration was rejected by the Middle East Quartet at the UN General Assembly in September.

While our staff at ECI will continue to organise private meetings with key decision-makers around the world, we will increasingly train you to do the same. We believe there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in Europe who are willing to help.

Everyone can do something. Everyone can reach someone. Together we can make a difference.