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Willem back from tour Indonesia

After 3 weeks travelling through Indonesia, Willem returned back home safely. The C4I Indonesia working team organised an exhausting but fruitful trip to Timor Leste, Bali and Jakarta. Willem Glashouwer said he had never experienced such an intense journey in all his ministry years. God had prepared the hearts of the people that came to the events and they were very open for the biblical messages of Israel.

Willem spoke for large and small groups of pastors, preachers, teachers and church members. The 1000 books printed in Bahasa Indonesia language were all sold in the 2nd week of the tour. The working team already started to set up a Christians for Israel Indonesia branch. The Lord is at work!"

Henk Kamsteeg: `Our message for the Church in Indonesia – a country with the world’s largest population of Muslims – is to prepare for the Coming of the Lord. Christians all over the world have a date with destiny! The Church cannot fulfill its eternal purpose if it is not salt and light unto Israel, “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8). This is an exciting development. The tour is being prepared in prayer, and we are really seeking the Lord’s will for the church in Indonesia. We are convinced of the importance of encouraging Christians in Indonesia to remain firm in their hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, and teaching Christians in this country about God’s revealed purposes with Israel, and the Coming of the Lord.

At the same time, we are fully conscious of the challenges and dangers of preaching and teaching in Indonesia about Jesus Christ and God’s people Israel. No doubt the Evil One will do all he can to frustrate the plans of God.`

We have 2 requests for the readers of The Messenger:

1 Could you please pray for Henk, Stenli and the C4I Indonesia team, as they finalize the preparations for the tour, and for Willem as he undertakes this major assignment. Pray also for the church in Indonesia, that they may be prepared in the Holy Spirit to receive God’s word regarding His purposes in these last days.

2 Please send this to your contacts in Indonesia, and anyone you may think is interested in this tour. For more information, please contact Henk Kamsteeg:
South East Asia

 by Henk Kamsteeg, C4I Regional Director – Asia Pacific

So far Christians for Israel International has been ministering in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei and recently also Indonesia. God has really blessed our visits and many doors have been opened for the ministry of C4I. We have outstanding national coordinators who love God deeply and have a passion to bless Israel when and wherever possible.

This year we have plans to visit these countries again, but at the same time we realise that a change of strategy might be needed for some of these heavy Islam countries because our message about the love of God for Israel and the Jewish people is a very sensitive subject. Although we speak, have seminars and preach in many churches, the follow-up is very difficult . For instance, the Israel & Christians Today paper cannot be mailed out to the individual subscribers, but is sent in bulk to our national coordinators for distribution. Also the Why Israel? books and DVDs can’t be sold in the bookstores, etc.

Malaysia has a population of 28 million people, of which 60% are followers of Islam (9% Christianity). The country is officially a Muslim state, and the Government actively promotes the spread of Islam. All Malays (the majority race of the country) are required to be Muslim.
Brunei has a population of 994,000, of which 671,892 are Muslims (68%) and 32,530 Christians. Indonesia comprises 17,508 islands with a population of around 230 million people. Although it is not an Islamic state, Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation, with 86.1% of Indonesians declared Muslim and 8.7% of the population is Christian.
Philippines have a population of 93 million people. About 80% of Filipinos are Roman Catholics and 10% are Protestant Christians. Only 5% are Muslims.
Singapore has a population of 4.5 million and is a multi-religious country. Around 51% of resident Singaporeans practice Buddhism and Taoism. Muslims constitute 15%. About 14%, mostly Chinese, Eurasians, and Indians, practice Christianity – a broad classification including Roman Catholicism, Protestantism and other denominations.

Restrictions freedom of speech
In Malaysia, Brunei and also Indonesia, proselytizing by faiths other than the officially sanctioned branch of Islam is not permitted. The Government routinely censors articles, books, etc. on other faiths, and censors photographs of crucifixes and other Christian religious symbols. Government officials also guard against the distribution and sale of items that feature photographs of undesirable or religious symbols. Even in Singapore, some religious materials and practices are banned. There are laws restricting the freedom of speech that may breed ill will or cause disharmony within Singapore's multiracial, multi-religious society. The Singapore government argues that Singapore has the sovereign right to determine its own system and impose what it sees as appropriate.

Why Israel? books in Bahasa Indonesian.
Our national coordinator in Malaysia has printed 1,000 copies of the Bahasa Indonesian translation of the book Why Israel? under the title Mengapa Israel? for distribution outside of Indonesia. For distribution in Indonesia we have found a printer on Java who has printed another 1,000 books of the same edition with the title Suata Permulaan Baru (A New Beginning).

Update visits SE Asia
• At the moment we are busy preparing our next visit to Indonesia. The C4I Indonesia team is doing a great job and the planning schedule is very tight. It is going to be another intense time for Rev. Willem Glashouwer, who will be speaking at some crusades, teaching at several Bible Colleges and preaching in many churches In Jakarta, Denpasar (Bali) and Dili (Timor Leste) from 17th June – 4th July, 2010.
• Late October/beginning November a visit is planned to Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and perhaps Brunei as well.
• Next year we are waiting for God’s guidance and confirmation to bring our ministry to India, Pakistan, and possibly Sri Lanka and/or China and Taiwan, perhaps combined with Australia & New Zealand. Much continuing prayer for wisdom is needed as to how we should proceed, and we are content to let the Lord lead us in all of this.

God’s own Symphony Orchestra at work in Asia

A fierce typhoon in Manila (Philippines), heavy monsoon rain in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and continuing thunder and lightning in Malaysia and Jakarta (Indonesia), accompanied God’s own symphony orchestra of blessings upon Christians for Israel’s ministry in South East Asia.

Willem Glashouwer and I (Henk Kamsteeg) were enabled to passionately preach, teach and speak the Word of God about Jesus and Israel in countries filled with Mosques and Hindu Temples.
In Manila, Willem gives 8 Seminars over two days, from 14.00-20.00 hrs. at Bishop Rolando Joshua Blass’ Joshua Generation Worldwide Ministries church, followed by the dedication and anointing of the C4I Philippines working committee: Rolando Joshua Blas, Dominga Belza, Ferdie & Kit Lazarta. So we now have a branch in the Philippines!

In Jakarta, the attendance at some events were small but very intense, ranging from 60 to 80 groups of women to 100 Bible college students who all were so eager to learn about Israel, God’s first-born son. We heard our meetings were a blessing to many people, and again God is the one who made it happen.
Other wonderful events were the meetings with the 260 Full Gospel businessmen incl. their Presidents of various chapters, the 3,000 crowd of mums, dads and their 2,000 children, and the Sunday church gathering of 5,000 people in Semarang’s “Holy Stadium” King’s Church.

There was a great opening in nearby Bandar Acheh, a prominent Muslim city, where a youth team of the King’s Church in Semarang, spent several days ministering Jesus in dance and songs in front of the local mosque! We heard stories of many Arabs coming to a saving faith in Jesus Christ in miraculous ways. Yes, God is a Promise Keeper!

In Semarang itself a “You are Beautiful” fashion-parade event was held sharing the story of the Ugly Duckling focusing on the fact that everybody is looking beautiful in God’s eyes, even down-syndrome children.
We also had a meeting with the representatives of GBI, the biggest Christian Church in Indonesia with more than 250,000 members. They invited us back to do a 3-day seminar June-July 2010.
I meet with Dennis Balcombe, who “happened” to be in Manila. He printed and spread the Why Israel? Books in simplified form Chinese into Mainland China. We now have permission to reprint ourselves both the simplified and traditional Chinese editions!

During a dinner-event we appointed Stenli Suryadinata as National Coordinator of C4I Indonesia, and Yoel Harahap and Yohan Purnama as coordinators. Their wives were also present. The Foundation in Indonesia is a non-profit company.

The “Why Israel?” book has already been translated into Bahasa, and will be printed in Indonesia before our next visit to Asia. The interim team in Indonesia will see to the translation of the Israel & Christians Today newspaper – from English to Bahasa Indonesia. Praise the Lord!
In Kuala Lumpur we are welcomed by our very good friend Wilson Ng, who treats us to a very nice Western Steak lunch, after all the Asian food we had during the past 2 weeks!

Four seminars of 75 minutes each were given at the Wesley Methodist Church Kepong. About 40 people were present and 30 books were sold. Other teachings and preaching took place at Pastor Collin Gordon’s Trinity Community Center, the “Miracle” Church. About 150-200 people present. The Sunday Service was just awesome. Singing, dancing and praising the LORD. What a blessing it was!

With gratefulness to the Lord we finish this tour. What an awesome experience it was – each nation with its own religion and unique culture

Tired, exhausted at times, but filled with a sense of holy awe, we are so thankful to God who through his “donkeys” (servants) prepared this whole SE Asia tour in advance, opening new doors, giving us so many “divine appointments”. To Him be all the glory!

Henk Kamsteeg
Regional Director Asia/Pacific