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Biblical understanding about Israel

Savyon Center for Jewish Studies

“Let my people know”. This is the basic idea behind the centre of Rabbi David Brodman, a non-political and independent organisation, who teaches children from different parts of Israel that the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is also their God.

Every day hundreds of children and older people visit his center in Savyon. He tells them about the Jewish history from the Old Testament. The center contains following ‘facilities’:
- audio-visual center
- Biblical garden
- Synagogue
- Libraries for Research and Study
- Reception Hall

In and around Tel Aviv, and also in other regions, the secularisation of Jews is growing. But according to Rabbi Brodman, there is a big hunger for the word of God.

In these times, many young people wonder what it means to be Jewish. Why have they been hunted and why are they still not save, even not in their own country? This brings them back to their Jewish roots. Young people want to know who God is.