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Jaffa Institute

David Portowicz dedicates his life to the maintenance of young people aged 2-14 years, in Jaffa, Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem. The children are forced to leave their families to escape situations of neglect, violence and sexual abuse. Years ago the Jaffa Institute has started with a handful of children, nowadays, 5.000 children are helped on three different places. Some of these children have sisters, who work as prostitutes, or brothers addicted to drugs, or parents without a job or ill.

The institute is for many children at risk a sign of hope. As well Jewish as Arab children can find a shelter here. Also children coming from the settlements in Gaza who are now cast out of their home region, can find a warm welcome here. They can find shelter, therapy and guidance in the Jaffa Institute.

The Jaffa institute offers Morning programs, a full range of after-school learning and recreational programs, therapeutic assistance and nutrition for the children.