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Christians for Israel wants to help you help Israel! There are many ways you can reach out in love to Israel and thus become part of the plans and purposes God has for the Jewish people in these ‘Last Days’ before Christ comes again.

Helping the Jewish People come Home
Christians for Israel International, working in cooperation with the Jewish Agency and other Christian ministries, has helped more than 100,000 Jews home to Israel from the Ukraine, Ethiopia and recently from India. You can help us in this exciting fulfillment of biblical prophecy (Isaiah 49:22). Go to Aliyah projects

Helping the Jewish People at Home
The tiny nation of Israel is struggling in many ways today as a result of acts of terror and the harsh economic realities which have resulted from a significant drop in tourist income. Many families who depend on tourism are barely surviving above the poverty line while new immigrants to Israel face incredible hurdles in their attempts to get established in a nation already reeling from the affects of war. You can help! Christians for Israel has several ongoing projects designed to bring charitable relief to those in need.

Support the people of Israel, so that the Jewish people can become truly rooted in the land:

- Assist Jewish immigrants to become settled in the land
- build caring communities in Jerusalem
- fight poverty and hunger 
- provide therapy and support for survivors of terror
- educate the children of Israel
- support Jewish communities in Samaria and Judea
- support and encourage Arab Christians in Israel