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Dear friends,

This is our first update since the C4I International Leadership Forum held last March in Jerusalem. The Forum was an amazing event. One of the highlights was the "Celebrate Jerusalem" reception at which, together with so many Jewish friends, we gave thanks to the Almighty for His work in rebuilding Jerusalem.

 We give thanks to God for the wonderful Christians for Israel leaders around the world who are sacrificing much, and devoting themselves to bringing the message about God's faithfulness to Israel into the church, and comforting Israel and the Jewish people through prayer and action. As this edition shows, the Christians for Israel ministry is growing and deepening in many nations. It is exciting to see the Lord raise new leaders who are prepared to "stand in the gap" for Israel and the Jewish people. It is our task, as Christians for Israel International, to train, empower, equip and commission these leaders and speakers in all the regions of the world in which we are active. We believe that the Lord is calling men and women to bring the "gospel of the kingdom" into all nations, in preparation for the great harvest when Jesus Messiah comes (Matthew 24). 

Yours in Christ, 

Andrew Tucker
Executive Director Christians for Israel International

Prayer Calendar June - July 2017

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Israel message reaches Cambodia

The Christians for Israel 4th Asia Pacific Training and Leadership Conference was held in Hotel Somnang Loar, Phnom Penh, Cambodia from 20th to 22nd April 2017. Cambodia is among the top 10 countries in the world with the fastest church growth rates. Christians make up 3% of the pre-dominantly Buddhist population of 15 million people. The Body of Christ in Cambodia, drawn from a wide spectrum of denominations meet every year for national prayer on 1st July and heads of denominations meet regularly for fellowship.

Reaching Christians in China, Vietnam and Thailand!

Rev. Willem Glashouwer spoke at the “Asia Missions and Revival Conference” in Bangkok (Thailand), which took place mid-April. Rev. Glashouwer did teachings on Israel and on Matthew 24:1-3. The conference was attended mainly by people from China and Vietnam and all messages were translated into Mandarin and Vietnamese. Many of the attendees of the conference came to listen to the Israel message which was new to many of them.

A Weekend in ‘Jewish Vienna’

From 29 - 30 April, our first ‘Isreality Austria’ weekend took place in Vienna. Young Christians between the age of 18 and 35 had been invited to come and learn more about Israel and the Jewish history of this city. On Saturday afternoon 17 young adults met at “Don Bosco House”, a Christian centre. We got to know each other having coffee and delicious Viennese cake. Later we moved to a seminar room and after a brief introduction of Isreality by Sandra, Marie- Louise Weissenböck (Regional director of Christians for Israel Europe) spoke to us about Israel from a biblical perspective.

A visit with a great outcome

When we, i.e. Christians for Israel, distribute food parcels, we always try to meet new families and tell them who we are and what we do and give them information about it. The other day we were in a small town to meet with the person responsible for the Jewish community and to visit a family.

Love for Israel at the Baltic Sea

At the beginning of April 2017 Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer traveled to Kaliningrad, a part of Russia at the Baltic Sea, situated between Poland and Lithuania. The program was organized by Boris Vasyukov, National Director in Russia of Ebenezer Operation Exodus. The visit included a round-table meeting with a number of Jewish leaders and pastors of local Christian congregations belonging to various denominations, an interchurch conference on Israel and the Church, as well as a speaking engagement at a Sunday service in the local Baptist church.

Aliyah from Lille, Lyon and Marseille

By Rachel Poot.. The work that Ebenezer does in France, is not only limited to its capital as it may seem. Out of the 600,000 Jews that live in France, indeed, the largest community is to be found in Paris and its surroundings: 450,000 persons. However, the other 150,000 find themselves within other cities in France. "The work of Ebenezer in France is quite new", National Director of Ebenezer France, Xavier Darrieutort, explains.

Christians for Israel Uganda Assists in Bringing the Jews Home

The team of Christians for Uganda has raised funds to assist in the important Aliyah work. They were received by Shmulik Fried, Director of the Friends of Israel Division of Keren Hayesod in Jerusalem during their recent tour in Israel. Drake Kaanabo, National Leader of Christians for Israel Uganda, was delighted to be able to hand the funds over personally.

Jerusalem, Heart of the World

Leadership Forum 2017 - A time to meet friends, think and share together about how to reach more Christians around the world with our message about Israel. That was what our Forum in March in Jerusalem was all about. But this year’s Forum had an additional purpose, as the city of Jerusalem was reunited as Israel’s capital fifty years ago.

First Home In The Homeland Celebrates 25th anniversary!

How good and pleasant it is when brothers sit together in unity! – words from Psalm 133, that describe so well the events of March 9, 2017. First Home in the Homeland celebrated its jubilee - 25 years! To share our happy day with friends we invited over 500 olim (participants of the program), our precious friends from Christians for Israel, the Israeli Minister of Aliyah and Integration Mrs. Sofa Landver, Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel Mr. Natan Sharansky, Head of the Department of Aliyah, Absorption and Special Operations of the Jewish Agency Mr. Yehuda Sharf and other honored guests to spend this day in kibbutz Tzuba, located on one of the hills near Jerusalem.

Now available: Why Jerusalem? DVD series + Study Guide

by Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer | 6 x 25 minutes | Introduction price: € 12,95

This series explores the significance of this unique city from a Biblical point of view. It puts Jerusalem into a historical, theological and prophetic perspective and shows the ancient and spiritual roots of Jerusalem, the central place of the temple, Jerusalem in relation to the Kingdom and the role of Jerusalem in the End Times. Most of all it shows that Jerusalem is a sign of hope for the whole world.  Click here to order 

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