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Dear friends, 

These are critical weeks for Israel and the Jewish people, and therefore also for our international ministry as Christians for Israel. We need to be alert, and vigilant in our prayer for Israel, the church and the nations.

The P5+1 deal with Iran is seen by many in Israel and beyond as THE most important threat to Israel’s existence at the moment. Iran has made no secret of its plans to develop nuclear weapons, nor of its intentions to wipe out Israel and the West. The Jewish people take such threats seriously. So should we, and so should the leaders of our nations.

The second major threat is the issue of Palestinian statehood. France and New Zealand are preparing a draft resolution in the UN Security Council that would effectively recognise a new “State of Palestine” and require Israel to withdraw behind the 1949 Armistice Line. It is possible that this resolution will be tabled in the coming weeks. Such a plan will effectively open the door to ISIS, Hamas and other extreme Islamic jihad groups to take control of this new “State of Palestine” in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Old City. This would be disastrous not only for Israel, but also for the Palestinians themselves.

Now more than ever, it is imperative for Christians to understand God’s eternal purposes with His people. Replacement theology in all its different guises is blinding Christians to what is really going on in the Middle East.

Now, more than ever, we need to raise awareness in the churches worldwide about these important issues. Will you partner with us? Thank you for all your friendship, prayers and financial support. 

Harald Eckert, Chairman
Andrew TuckerExecutive Director

Christians for Israel International Leadership Forum 2015 – Celebrating God’s faithfulness

Sixty Christians for Israel leaders from Europe, Africa, USA, South America, Asia and Oceania/Pacific attended the sixth bi-annual leadership Forum at Ramat Rachel in Jerusalem. In the course of four intensive days, they shared experiences, heard testimonies, visited several projects supported by Christians for Israel, prayed together, and made plans for the further development of the Christians for Israel ministry.

Update Global Prayer Call– looking back with gratefulness!

From May 10 to 12 up to 400 participants from about 35 nations of all continents came together in Jerusalem in order to look back to the 100 days of prayer and (partial) fasting, bring this period to a close and ask the Lord for how to keep up the prayer momentum for the nations in their relationship to Israel in the future.

Holiday, at long last… or maybe not - Help children in the Eastern Ukraine

With great expectation, people look forward to the holidays. It makes no difference whether they stay at home or travel to a holiday destination near or far. This, also, is true for children and parents in the Ukraine. But this year differs from previous years. Due to the continuing war in the south eastern part of the country, inflation, unemployment and rising food prices, many will have to simply stay home… or not?

The words of my grandparents

In a virtually abandoned and derelict little town in the eastern part of the Ukraine, another shelter, that can house a maximum of 50 Jewish refugees, was opened recently. It is a plain but well maintained space. After accompanying a large group of Jewish refugees in Zaporozhe (an industrial city with 900,000 inhabitants) to the consulate in Dnepropetrovsk, we had ample time to visit this second shelter.

In memoriam - Lance Lambert

Renowned Bible teacher Lance Lambert died in his home in Jerusalem on 10th May, 2015. He was 84 years old. Lance grew up in Richmond, England. He met the Lord as a young teenager. After school he studied African and Oriental Studies at the University of London with the intention of working in China, but the revolution blocked this path. Lance lost his father and most of his family in the Second World War. In the 1970’s Lance discovered his Jewish background, and made aliyah. He lived in Jerusalem from 1980 until his death. Over the succeeding decades Lance travelled widely and spoke at many conferences and meetings in many nations. Four times per year he sent out his Middle East Updates in which he discussed the current affairs in the Middle East from a Biblical and prophetic perspective. He was known and loved by many Christians worldwide.

Let’s Go Up To Jerusalem

By Willem J.J. Glashouwer.. It is always an amazing privilege to be in Jerusalem – The Bible says that in the coming days Jerusalem will be the world centre. We will say together “Let us go up to the mountain of the Lord. Let us go up to His Holy Temple!”

Raising a new generation of advocates for Israel, the Jewish people and Arab Palestinians

From 13th – 18th May 2015, the European Coalition for Israel (ECI), in partnership with Christians for Israel International and Keshet Educational Travel, organized its inaugural geo-political visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories. The program was led by Perrine Dufoix (ECI Director – Europe) and Andrew Tucker (ECI Legal Counsel), in close cooperation with Marnix van Ede (Keshet) as program coordinator and Moshe Gabay (Keshet) who acted as guide.

Why Jerusalem by Rev. Glashouwer now available!

In May 2015 Why Jerusalem was launched at the Christians for Israel Leadership Forum. This book, written bij Rev. Willem Glashouwer, explores the significance of the city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a unique city - a holy place for many religions and the focus of world history. Ezekiel 38:12 even describes Jerusalem as ‘the center of the earth’. This book is part two of the trilogy Why Israel?, Why Jerusalem?, Why End Times?

C4I Leadership Forum in Israel and update aliyah work in the Ukraine

By Koen Carlier.. We had our brief bi-annual C4I Leadership Forum in Jerusalem from May 6 through May 9, 2015. With Christians for Israel representatives from different countries. The aim was to give an update of what is taking place in the countries, Bible teaching and prayer. While in Jerusalem we traveled throughout the country to visit different projects. It was special when ‘Why Jerusalem?’ written by Willem Glashouwer and recently printed in English, was presented to all the participants after his impassioned Bible study about the Covenants with Israel.

Packing and distributing 1,600 food parcels in the Ukraine

By Koen Carlier.. With the sun shining brightly on Monday (March 23, 2015) we packed 1,600 food parcels with the help of 30 youngsters and seniors. A day later the parcels were delivered to small Jewish communities in the provinces of Vinnitsa, Cherkasy and Kiev with three minibuses.


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