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Global Prayer Call 2015

Dear brothers and sisters, dear friends from the networks of Christians for Israel international, Operation Exodus  Ebenezer International and European Coalition for Israel! We are writing to you, our leaders, coworkers, intercessors and the core groups and networks of our movements concerning the Global Prayer Call 2015.

We, together with our boards, have decided to launch together a unique prayer initiative 70 years after the end of World War II and the end of the Holocaust. The core of this initiative is that we encourage praying Christians from around the world to pray for their own nations regarding their relationship to the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. Especially on those 100 days between the 70th anniversary of the deliverance of Auschwitz concentration camp in Jan. 27, 1945 and the end of World War II (in Europe) in May 8/9 1945. For with the end of the war in Europe, also the Holocaust came to an end.

The core of our burden being the danger of history repeating itself: As European Jewry in Europe was the scapegoat of Nazi-Germany and their anti-Semitic European allies 70 and more years ago, something very similar is happening today — but this time this it is not limited to Europe and European Jewry. This time most of our peoples and nations are involved or endangered and the scapegoat is Israel. And as 70 years or more ago: Most of the church is either ignorant of what is happening, or indifferent, or even worse: They are joining the choir of the Jew/Israel-haters.

We feel it is our duty as Christians from Europe to launch this Global Prayer Call in order to wake up the Church of Jesus worldwide to prayer (and fasting) for their peoples and nations to remain or become even more a “blessing for Israel” (Gen. 12,3), lest they will not be drawn into the valley of decision (Joel 3,14) and end up on side of the goat nations (Matth. 25,31-33) at the return of Jesus.

Willem Glashouwer (Christians for Israel International – President)
Markus Ernst (Ebenezer International – Operation Exodus – President)
Tomas Sandell (European Coalition for Israel – Founding Director)
Harald Eckert (Christians for Israel Germany – Chairman. Initiator and coordinator of GPC)

Here are some details concerning the Global Prayer Call 2015: 

  • For more details and information: download the newsletter of the Global Prayer Call 2015.

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