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2014 - a new season for Israel, the church and the nations? 

At the start of a new year, we want to thank all our friends, partners and supporters worldwide. Without you, the ministry of Christians for Israel would not be possible. It is such a blessing to work and walk closely with so many friends around the globe. 

2014 promises to be an exciting year for Israel, the church and the nations. And therefore for Christians for Israel. Many have a sense that we are on the verge of some major events. As an international ministry, now active in more than forty countries worldwide, we must be ready to deal with such changes. 

Our mission remains just as relevant as ever: to raise awareness in the church and nations concerning God's eternal purposes with Israel, and to promote comfort of Israel and the Jewish people in prayer and action. 

Click here to read some of the activities our global, regional and national teams will be focussing on in 2014.

Video update Rev. Willem Glashouwer

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Crisis in the Ukraine - urgent call for prayer and support

The Ukraine is in a state of crisis. There has been growing unrest in the Ukraine since December 2013, mainly in the capital city Kiev which is spreading now to all other major cities. Millions of people have been expressing their anger against the government, in a pro-European demonstration. A large part of the opposition is supporter of the Swoboda party - an openly anti-Semitic, nationalistic movement. There is great fear in the Jewish community. In the last week alone, several orthodox Jews have been attacked.

The first „March of Life” in Austria – raising a voice for Commemoration, Reconciliation and against Anti-Semitism

Christians for Israel - Austria is organizing a first “March of Life” in Austria, in cooperation with other organization, on April 6th 2014. Contemporary witnesses, Holocaust survivors and their descendants will also be participating in the “March of Life”, which is intended not only to be an act of commemoration and reconciliation, but also to voice a loud and clear “Never Again!” against the rising modern Anti- Semitism of our time and to express solidarity with Israel.

On the way to Israel

We drive for hours through the snow covered landscape of the Ukrainian province of Khmelnitsky. Koen Carlier, of Christians for Israel in the Ukraine, tells me about the origin of the region’s name. Bagdan Khmelnitsky, leader of the national movement responsible for the atrocious murder of more than 600,000 Jews in 1654, is honoured as a local hero. This is just one example of the many dark sides of the Ukraine’s history.

Israel Prayer Letter December/January 2014

Is the present quiet the lull before the storm for Israel? Let’s realize that not only in politics many things are happening behind the screens. Most of all is happening in the heavenlies. Isn’t that the thing we ought to do, setting our hearts on the things that are above? So do intercede for Israel on the basis of God’s word and promises for His land and people.



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Our mission is to bring biblical understanding in the church and among the nations concerning God´s purposes for Israel and to promote comfort of Israel through prayer and action.

Our vision is to establish a global network of Christians having local impact, for the blessing of the nation of Israel, the Jewish people and the church. [read more]

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