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Urgent message from our Ukraine representative Koen Carlier

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Đ Christians for Israel International,

Dear friends and partners,

Please read this urgent message from Koen Carlier, our Aliyah field worker in the Ukraine. We urge you to pray for the situation in the Ukraine and also for the Jews living in the Ukraine.

Andrew Tucker
Executive Director 
Christians for Israel International

Message from Koen Carlier:

Please pray for all of those who work in Aliyah, like the 'fishermen' of Christians for Israel, Ebenezer and Ezra. Also pray for the Jewish people in the Ukraine. We have encouraged them for almost 25 years to leave the land of the north and go to the Promised Land!

Nataliya, one of our aliyah workers had a vision about what is happening now. When she told me this about 6 months ago I honestly thought 'it was just a storm in a teacup!' In her vision she also saw a Jewish girl who was slowly packing because she might leave, but Natalia told her: 'run, run, run', and took her luggage. This is when she woke up.

The situation is now getting more and more tense, now that the American Embassy in Kiev is being stormed. Riot police in Vinnitsa (the city where I live) have been called to go to Kiev, but have refused.

Yesterday I took food to the Jewish school in Vinnitsa and told the kitchen chef, Luda, 'leave to Israel as soon as possible with all the children and just close down the school'. Normally she always has an answer but now she became deadly pale. All 'fishermen' are now really warning: 'leave, leave and leave!!!'

We could do all our trips with olim (immigrants to Israel) on Monday and Wednesday to the Embassy and the airport. For the next week we have 3 trips to the airport and the Embassy. The Israeli Embassy in Kiev fears for the Jews in the Ukraine if the violence does not stop. The Jews are being openly accused, as one could read for instance in the Kiev Post.

Now comes the time of the 'fishermen and the hunters' (see Jeremiah 16). The Jews will have to choose for Israel! Not for Europe or Russia, but for the G'd of Israel.
Flee from the land of the North as it is clearly written in Zechariah 2! 

Help the Jews return to Israel now!

Koen and his team help Jewish families to return to Israel from the Ukraine.
It costs € 135 or US $185 to help one person.


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