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Large demonstration at head office PGGM, the Netherlands

By Sara van Oordt
January 15, 2014

Nijkerk (Netherlands) — About 300 people gathered on Monday morning, January 13th, at the head office of the PGGM pension fund in Zeist, the Netherlands. They showed their anger about PGGM’s decision to stop their investments in five of the largest banks in Israel.

The workers of the pension fund were confronted with a large crowd of people with Israeli flags and banners on which PGGM was asked to stop the boycott against Israel. They all received the open letter that Christians for Israel Netherlands wrote to the board of PGGM (read the open letter).

The demonstration was organized by Christians for Israel Netherlands. Executive Director Roger van Oordt explains: “We are against a boycott of Israel and we want PGGM to reverse their decision to stop investing in five Israeli banks. If this doesn’t happen, we will continue our actions. We also call on the people who have their pension at PGGM to show their concern.”

Chairman Schutte of Christians for Israel Netherlands notes that the atmosphere in the Netherlands is getting more and more fierce. “PGGM is already the third Dutch company in a short period of time that is terminating investments in Israel. It is of utmost importance to show that many people disagree, before more companies follow their example.”

A delegation of Christians for Israel, including director Van Oordt and chairman Schutte, was invited by the executive board of PGGM to talk about the issue. At the meeting Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs of the Netherlands was present, to show PGGM that the matter is also a great concern for the Jewish community in the Netherlands.

After the conversation, Roger van Oordt shared that the demonstration had a large impact on PGGM, but that there is not yet a signal that PGGM wants to reverse their decision. In the coming months, Christians for Israel will keep a close eye to the developments, and if necessary take appropriate actions.

Sara van Oordt
Head Communications and Activities, Christians for Israel Netherlands
Tel. +31-651860886


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