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NIJKERK, 10TH April 2013

Karel van Oordt

With sadness, we wish to inform you that Karel van Oordt, the founder of Christians for Israel, passed away on Tuesday 9th April 2013, in his hometown Amersfoort. He was 84 years old.

Karel remained actively involved in the work of Christians for Israel and the Israel Products Center (IPC), until shortly before his death. He was an inspiration and example to so many of us.

To the very end, he tirelessly encouraged young and old to discover the Biblical message about Israel. “Our message is not intended for Israel”, he always said, “but for the Church. Our task is to comfort Israel”.

During his many visits to Israel (he visited Israel over 500 times), he spoke often with his Jewish friends about his fervent expectation of the imminent coming of the Messiah of Israel and the Kingdom of God. He felt particularly blessed to be able to participate in the return of the Jewish People to the Promised Land of Israel.

One of his well-known sayings was: “The promises that were given to Israel are being fulfilled for Israel. The promises that were given to the church will be fulfilled for the church”.

In 1979, Karel van Oordt sold the family business and took the initiative to establish the foundation Christians for Israel and the business Israel Products Centre. More and more he became convinced that the Biblical message about Israel should spread in the churches worldwide.

Karel was committed to reaching all churches and denominations. He was convinced that the whole of Christianity had its share in and was jointly responsible for the sufferings of the Jewish people over the centuries worldwide by developing theologies that created an atmosphere in which millions of Jews could be despised, persecuted and killed. He urged the churches to repent, and to bring forth fruits worthy of repentance, by acts of love and solidarity towards the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

Karel van Oordt wished to be remembered as someone who made many mistakes, but always was prepared to confess his sins before the Face of the Almighty. He could only do that through the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the God of Israel.

Karel’s beloved wife, Annie, passed away in 2008. Together they have eight children and 47 grandchildren.

Karel lived in the hope of the resurrection of the dead and the change of the living at the coming of Christ. He is resting with the Lord, until he appears with Christ in glory.

His funeral will be held in Amersfoort on Wednesday 17th April. For more information please contact Ben Vandeputte:



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