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Christians for Israel Leadership Forum

Christians for Israel now has affiliates, partners and representatives in 40 countries worldwide. The network is growing rapidly. New national teams are being established in countries like Hungary, Italy, Sierra Leone, Ghana, South Sudan, Zambia, Indonesia, India, and Australia. The message about Israel, the church and the nations is gaining ground. There is an urgent need for training, educational resources and support.
Next week 80 Christians for Israel leaders from 20 nations will meet for 5 days in Jerusalem for the fourth Bi-annual Christians for Israel Leadership Forum. The goals of this Forum are:

  • To strengthen each other in our understanding of our calling, and how we are to achieve it: to bring Biblical understanding concerning God’s purposes for Israel, the church and the nations, and to promote comfort of Israel through prayer and action
  • To bless the Jewish people as we spend time in the land
  • To have fellowship with each other – build each other up in faith, love and hope;
  • Seek the Lord in prayer and worship.

We have a strong sense that the C4I ministry is entering a new season. We need to prepare strategies and form weapons which will enable us to meet the challenges and opportunities facing us. We need to act and move in unity.
Please pray for the leaders who are struggling with finances and visas, and for all the participants as we meet in the coming days.

Download our  press release: International Christian leaders meet in Jerusalem

Blessed at work

A report from our Aliyah fieldworker Koen Carlier

We look back on a blessed 2012, and are grateful for all we could do to console and encourage the Ukrainian Jewish People on their way to the Promised Land. 2012 ended on a hectic note. We had a couple of short trips with Jewish families to the airport in Kiev, and some long journeys from the Hungarian, Romanian and Moldavian borders. Driving on these roads in Winter is no fun. We planned two extra food parcel packaging and -distribution actions and were informed that the Evangelische Omroep (Evangelical Broadcasting) wished to visit the Ukraine with a film crew. Read more


New doors opened in Thailand for the message about Israel

My wife and I have been living and working as missionaries in Thailand for over 30 years. We know Willem Glashouwer from our days as young Christians in Holland, and have kept contact over the years. Last year, we arranged to have Rev. Glashouwer’s book “Why Israel?” translated into Thai. The book was printed in time for his visit to Thailand last month.

Generally speaking, the Christians in Thailand are not familiar at all with the concept that God has made eternal Covenants with Israel, and that He who created Israel and is faithful to what is stated in both Old and New Testaments. The writings and teachings of Rev. Glashouwer are bringing in new understanding on these issues, and opening the eyes of many Christians in Thailand to the times we are living in the reality of God’s work in these last days. Read more

C4I International - Annual Report 2012

The 2012 Annual Report of Christians for Israel International is now available online.
If you wish to receive a hard copy, please contact us at

Drawings before Words

This is the story of a child, Tomas Geve, who was deported to Auschwitz in June 1943 with his mother who perished in the camp. He stayed in Auschwitz till its evacuation in January 1945, after which he still survived the death march, Gross-Rosen concentration camp and Buchenwald concentration camp before the latter was self-liberated by the inmates in April 1945. Upon liberation he was too weak to leave the camp and proceeded to record camp life in 79 different drawings. WATCH


Biblical Reflections on Israel

Rev. Glashouwer in Brussels 22-24 March 2013

Rev. Glashouwer will speak in Brussels about: The Mystery of Israel, Old and New Covenant, Christian anti-Semitism, The Kingdom and the Coming of the Lord.

Download the brochure for locations and contact information

5,000 extra food parcels needed in the Ukraine

We are now busy preparing for a third food parcel packaging and distribution action from the 15th to the 22nd of February. Four Dutch citizens, of whom two will be in the Ukraine for the first time, will assist us in this.We will personally pack, and distribute, 1,500 food parcels in eighteen villages and towns in the province of Vinnitsa. The storage had been cleared and is ready for the wholesaler to deliver the goods at the end of next week.

At the end of last and the beginning of this year, we distributed a number of food parcels in new locations. We received positive reactions that included: “what a pleasant surprise”, “thank you for remembering us during these cold winter months” and “we will give seriously thought to what you said about returning”. We also received a number of thank you letters.  Read more

Focus on the Future - Series 2

Why end times? When people read their daily newspaper they wonder, in what times are we living? Where is this world heading for? What is next coming towards us? You see all these very quick changes in the world; you see the changes in the Middle East. You see how the regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Jordan are toppled over. Old regimes are fading away, new ones are coming up. And people wonder, what does it mean? Has the Bible anything to say about all of this?

This new series of ‘Focus on the Future’ video teachings by Rev Willem Glashouwer consist of nine episodes. WATCH



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