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Aliyah mini-bus gutted

We hosted a Ukrainian ‘repeat trip’ for fourteen earlier participants and three newcomers, between April 28 until May 5.  I chauffeured the seventeen year old Volkswagen-bus with five Dutch passengers on our visits to families in Bratislava. Despite her age and the 630,000 kilometres on her counter, the bus was well maintained. However, on Tuesday, May 1, all went wrong. Read more



Wounded and traumatized Israelis hosted by C4I Austria

From the 6th till the 16th of May our Austrian branch, Christen an der Seite Israels - Österreich, hosted 9 young Israelis and their accompanying person in Austria for 10 days. All of the young adults were either wounded and traumatized during their time in the Israeli Defence Force or through terror attacks.

The first 3 days we spent in Vienna, then 2 days in the Alps in the Dachstein Region, where they met with young students from an international bible school, after that 2 days in the Wachau (Danube valley) and the last 3 days again in Vienna. Read more



Willem Glashouwer’s speaking tour in Siberia, Ural and Caucasus

From 19th April to 9th May, I travelled with the Ebenezer Moscow team through this vast region of Russia. Travelling by plane and car, we spent time in towns like Novokuznezk, Kemerovo, Belovo and Leninsk Kuznetsk, Perm and Yekaterinburg, Pyatigorsk and Vladikavkaz. The program had been perfectly organized in advance. Almost every day, Boris (Ebenezer Moscow) and I had meetings with pastors and church leaders, I took part in seminars and workshops, I made several interviews for television and radio. The response was incredible. By and large, the people responded that they had never heard such teaching before. Their eyes were opened to realize - for the first time - that God’s purposes of salvation and redemption have always been, and always will be, realized through the Jewish people and the nations of Israel. Read more


News from East Africa

From the 5th to 8th April, 2012, our East Africa Coordinator Drake Kanaabo, traveled to Insaka Zambia were he got an opportunity to meet the former president of Zambia Mr. Kaunda. Therafter, Drake presented a C4I DVD package to TBN Zambia, and he had a talk show on the same Television. C4I Zambia has a need to get an office, and also wants to plan a conference. Chairman Melvin C. Malama said that Drake's visit boosted their deep passion for the work in Zambia and the Land of Israel.

After this, Drake met with the C4I South Sudan Board members in Juba and Minister of Religious Affairs South Sudan. C4I South Sudan is organizing to travel to Israel soon and they have registered 170 (one hundred seventy) people and it will be facilitated by the government of South Sudan.



DVD Why Israel by Rev. Glashouwer now available in Russian

The Bible Teachings DVD Why Israel? is now available in the Russian language. Earlier this year the book Why Israel by Rev. Willem Glashouwer and the Why Israel Basic Course by Rev. John Tweedie were developed in the Russian. Rev. Glashouwer just finished an intensive speaking tour through Siberia, Ural and Caucasus organized by Ebenezer Mosow. He hopes to travel to Russia again at the end of May to speak at a conference in St. Petersburg.

Click here to order the Bible Teachings DVD Why Israel? in Russian.




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