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Christians for Israel Training-the-teachers program

 In 2012, Christians for Israel International is focussing on "training the teachers" as part of our mandate to provide ongoing support to new and developing C4I branches in the nations. Our goal is to equip, train and support (young) teachers and communicators in the various regions in which C4I affiliates are active. We are doing that through a series of Training conferences in 2012, coupled with the development of an online educational website. Four conferences are being planned in 2012 in partnership with the local Christians for Israel organisations:

 - Vienna - 5-8 July — for C4I affiliates and partners in Europe
 - Kampala, Uganda – 18-23 September 2012 — for C4I affiliates and partners in East Africa
 - Nigeria – 24-27 October 2012 — for C4I Affiliates and partners in Central and West Africa
 - Singapore – November 2012 — for C4I affiliates and partners in Asia Pacific.

Our vision is to teach and equip a new generation of speakers and communicators in the regions, who can take our important message into the churches and nations, and also train others to do so.

We are looking for sponsors to support us financially in this exciting and important project.

Please pray for the preparation and organization of these conferences and for the further development of the online educational website. More information:

March of the Living 2012 - Report

From April 16th to 20th Christians for Israel International organized a trip to Poland in which 27 Dutch, 3 Belgians and 6 Ukrainians participated. During this special trip we visited the concentration camps of Auschwitz, studied Jewish life in Cracow and Oświęcim before World War II, and took part in the March of the Living. It was very impressive for us as friends of Israel to particpate in this March. Read more

Hazon Yeshaya Soup kitchens scandal in Jerusalem - Update

Christians for Israel in Netherlands is one of many supporters which over the last few years has made regular donations to support the work of the Jerusalem-based foundation Hazon Yeshaya in providing meals to the homeless and needy in Israel. Hazon Yeshaya is suspected of theft, fraudulently obtaining benefits and money laundering. Founder and owner Abraham Israel has been arrested in Jerusalem, together with several employees, following an undercover operation by the Israeli police. As soon as Christians for Israel heard of these allegations we took immediate action. Following the arrests, we have decided to suspend all donations immediately, until such time as these allegations have been confirmed or cleared. In the meantime, alternative providers have been found for meals for the homeless and needy. Read more

C4I Austria hosts disabled Israelis

In early May 2012, Christians for Israel Austria will be hosting a group of 9 "Disraelis" (disabled Israelis) and their mentor, Ilan Brunner. We hope and pray that they will have a wonderfully blessed time in Austria. we would greatly appreciate if you could also pray that it will be a blessed time for the participants, their hosts and all the people they will meet! Read more

Willem Glashouwer speaking tour in Eastern Russia

Siberia - Ural - Caucasus

Rev. Willem Glashouwer is currently on a 3-week speaking tour in Eastern Russia organized by Ebenezer Moscow. It is a very intensive program including conferences, preaching in churches and meetings with Church leaders.  The tour coincides with the release of the Russian-language version of the 14-episode Bible Teachings by Rev. Glashouwer. Please pray for Rev. Glashouwer and the Ebenezer organizing team.


C4I Switzerland conference in Zürich with Harald Eckert

Saturday 5th May 2012 from 9.30 am - 4 pm

C4I Switzerland will host a one-day teaching conference with Harald Eckert (Chairman, C4I Germany) on the theme: God’s Covenants Untangled!

Location:Eglise Réformée Française, Schanzengasse 25 in Zürich.
Language: English
Entry is free. Please bring your own lunch. Drinks will be provided.
Please register by email:

Harald Eckert will provide clarity on the following issues:

 - What is the significance of the covenants with Abraham, Moses?
 - What about the new covenant?
 - How are these covenants related to the new covenant of which Jesus is the mediator?
 - Which of these covenants are still valid, and what they mean for our daily life as individual Christians and Church?
 - What does this mean for our relationship with Israel and the Jewish people?

C4I Canada launches exciting new TV series

Christians for Israel Canada will soon launch a brand new TV series, The Prophetic Connection!  In each 30 minute episode, host, Rev. Dr. John Tweedie, takes viewers to the Land of Israel to observe how the prophecies of the Bible connect to the past, present and future of Israel. Filmed entirely in Israel. Check for more information.

European Coalition for Israel organizes young leaders consultation in Brussels

On 22 and 23 March 2012, the European Coalition for Israel organized a young leaders consultation in Brussels which was attended by about 40 young Christian leaders from across Europe. The 2-day program included a seminar in the European Parliament, in which Israeli lawyer Calev Myers of the Jerusalem Institute for Justice presented a report on Palestinian Human Rights in the Palestinian territories. This was followed by a round table session in the EP moderated by Andrew Tucker (Christians for Israel) and Bedros Nassanian (Gateways Beyond Geneva), a meeting with Former Minister of the Israeli Government Rafi Eitan, and seminars on specific topics.

On Friday 23 March Andrew Tucker led a presentation and discussion on "Lawfare – the use and misuse of international law in the delegitimization of Israel and the Jewish people".

Revelation TV Interview

Andrew Tucker was recently guest in the Middle East Report hosted by Simon Barrett on Revelation TV. The Topic was: anti-Semitism in Europe anno 2012. Watch interview


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