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C4I Germany organizes international commemoration in Berlin

70 years since the Wannsee Conference 20 January 1942

In December 1941, SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, head of the Nazi’s Reich Security Main Office, summoned 15 Nazi leaders to a secret meeting at a villa in Wannsee outside Berlin. The meetings was held on 20th January 1942. Heydrich’s objective: to agree a program for the implementation of Hitler’s vision of the "final solution", the mass extermination of the 11 million Jews living in German-occupied Europe.

The mass execution of Jews in Europe had started much earlier. The Gestapo’s Einsatzgruppen had already carried out mass executions in Ukraine (such as Babi Yar, where on September 29–30, 1941, 33,771 Jews were killed in a single operation), Poland and elsewhere. Adolf Eichmann was already experimenting with gassing techniques. Read more


Bring the Jews Home

Many C4I branches are actively supporting the return of the Jewish people to Israel (aliyah). Sara van Oordt (C4I Holland) recently travelled to Ethiopia to witness the Aliyah of the Bèta Israel. Besides this she assisted a film crew of a Dutch national broadcaster, who are making a documentary on the Bèta Israel.
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Russian language Why Israel? resources

Book and dvds now available!

The book Why Israel by Rev. Willem Glashouwer and the Why Israel Basic Course by Rev. John Tweedie have now been developed in Russian language by Ebenezer Moscow. Rev. Glashouwer's 14-episode Why Israel teachings will also be available in Russian soon. For more information on how to order these books and DVDs, please contact our International Office:

We thank the Lord for our wonderful partnership with Ebenezer. Ebenezer Mosow has invited Rev. Glashouwer to speak in Moscow, Novosibirsk. Yekaterinburg, and the Caucasus from April 17th - May 7th. From May 30th - June 6th Rev. Glashouwer will visit the St. Petersburg area.

Update Christians for Israel Ukraine

In the past years Christians for Israel Ukraine has increased its work in the churches. Dmytro en Pasha travel around the Ukraine to speak about God's plan with Israel, and to lead seminars about  this topic. Last year they visited 121 churches in the Ukraine. In this report you can read more about Dmytro's speaking trips in December.  Read more


News from Christians for Israel Italy

Christians for Israel Italy organized a study day on the Wannsee Conference on January 25th. In the morning they showed a movie in schools, and in cooperation with the Univeristy of Padua, a conference was organized. In the evening there was a show in the theater, dedicated to the Holocaust with dance, opera singers and piano. Plans are being made for Willem Glashouwer to travel to Italy for a series of lectures and conferences later in 2012.

Teachings in Latin America

Rev. Willem Glashouwer was invited by Ebenezer to teach about Israel in Latin America. From January 6th to January 16th he went to Bolivia, Peru and Chile, to speak for many pastors and in many church services. Rev. Glashouwer: "The Lord has done great things. Many breakthroughs and new openings took place. We can only praise the Lord for His many Blessings!

Plans are being made by pastors in Latin America to organize conferences in August 2012 around the theme: 'Israel in Biblical and Prophetic Perspective'.

Prayer Letter January/February 2012

Dear Israel friends, As a preparation to writing this first Prayer letter of 2012, I reread all Letters of 2011. Part of the April/May prayer letter I want to repeat here, because it is a word that many intercessors see as a commissioning: Vigilance. “Be on guard! Be alert!”(Mark 13:33) “What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’” (Mark 13:37) These things Jesus tells us in the ‘discourse on the end of the age’. Go to prayer letter

Ebenezer Engage Israel tour July 2012

Christians for Israel has a close working relationship with Ebenezer Operation Exodus, a Christian ministry seeking to support the Jewish people to return to Israel. For the last two years, the young adults movement Engage has organized tours to Israel. These exciting 14-day tours to Israel offer a unique opportunity for young adults (18 - 35) to discover Israel and the Jewish people in an international setting.
Sign up for the 2012 Engage Israel tour (16-30 July 2012).

Newspaper Israel & Christians Today

February 2012 edition now online!

Invitation to Prayer Summit in Brussels

23-25 March 2012

The 10th Annual European Prayer Summit in Brussels will take place from 23rd-25th March, 2012. This event is organized by the European Coalition for Israel (ECI). Theme for this summit: In the eye of the storm - Called to raise a banner for the nations.  Go to program

International Jerusalem Marathon 2012

Join Hineni's special tour

After the great success of last year, a second Jerusalem Marathon will take place on March 16, 2012. This year Hineni Jerusalem is organizing a special five day tour around the 2nd marathon. You can combine a run (42, 21, or 10 km) for Hineni with a unique program in Jerusalem. You are encouraged to find sponsors for every kilometer you run. This money will be will be used for the support of Hineni's many social welfare and educational programs. Hineni offers a tour  for $499,-.
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