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Messenger November 2011

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West African Regional Conference

The Christians for Israel West African Regional Conference lasted for 13 days, and was led by Rev. Willem Glashouwer, Jos van Westing and Bishop Elemi Samson. They traveled to Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone. They witnessed many leaders, and pastors come to a new understanding of God's purposes with this world.  Read more

Hineni's Christian Desk in Jerusalem

Christians for Israel has a strategic cooperation with Hineni Jerusalem and the Hineni Christian Desk. The Hineni Christian Desk is a unique initiative in Israel, providing support to the Christians for Israel branches and representatives worldwide, by helping them reach out to new audiences, to organize tours to Israel, and to train and equip people through tailor made programs in Israel and beyond. Read more

Jerusalem Elevator Pitch

Imagine you are standing in the elevator in the lobby of your hotel to go to the 25th floor. Just before the doors close a man quickly steps in and presses the button for the 24th floor. With a light shock you realize that the man is Mr P, an important politician. Adrenaline races through your veins; this is your chance, you have 2 minutes to pitch the case for the sake of Jerusalem.  Go to the Elevator Pitch

Training - a key to winning the battle of the narratives

From the European Coalition for Israel

Brussels - While the European Coalition for Israel for many of its 8 years of existence has been an organisation where a few have achieved much, we began to make some changes in our strategy after our conference at the beginning of November. We aim to start mobilizing, training and equipping grassroots activists around Europe. “A few can mobilize many and the many can make a difference.” Read more

Russian Holocaust memorial

Our partner in Russia, Ebenezer, is working on a Memorial project together with the Russian Holocaust Center. There are more than 500 places in Russia where mass killings of Jews took place during World War II. People have completely forgotten about this, and there are no monuments on those places. This is why Ebenezer decided to begin to build the monuments together with the Russian Holocaust Center. Read more


Israel Prayer Letter November-December 2011

Dear friends of Israel, Changes in the countries surrounding Israel take place in rapid succession. In Lebanon the terrorist organization Hezbollah strengthens its grip on southern Lebanon more and more. Syria gains more and more influence in Lebanon itself, while the power of Iran is increasing in the whole area. Jordan is heading for the same road as Egypt, where under the pressure of a furious population a cold peace is turning into the hate of former times. Read more Publications

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