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Messenger September 2011

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European Christians mobilize to support Israel

Joint protests to defend Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel

By Michael Freund..In advance of Palestinian diplomatic moves at the United Nations next week, two of the leading Christian groups in Europe have joined forces to counter mounting pressure on the Jewish state.Christians for Israel International, headquartered in Nijkerk, the Netherlands, and the Brussels-based European Coalition for Israel, will hold joint protests on September 13 in The Hague and September 19 in Brussels, with the stated aim being “to defend Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the Jewish state of Israel.” Read more

Keep Jerusalem United

Activities in connection with the U.N. vote on Palestinian Statehood

  • Christians for Israel and the European Coalition for Israel (ECI) are organising public demonstrations in The Hague (13 September) and Brussels (19 September). Read more
  • In order to be effective in advocating for Israel’s legal rights it is important to better understand the legal position of Israel. This is why the ECI has made the San Remo Resources available.
  • A short film about the status of Jerusalem under international law, entitled Give Peace a Chance. This film includes valuable historical information and interviews with leading international lawyers. Watch
  • Key European legislators have signed an ECI  Open Letter to the United Nations. Among them is the current Chairman of the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, Gabriele Albertini. The letter says no to a unilateral Palestinian state at the 66th session of the UN General Assembly in New York. 
  • We were delighted to hear that many countries have joined the Keep Jerusalem United project. Among them are Germany, Italy, Pakistan, and Nigeria. Read more
  • Andrew Tucker, Executive Director C4I International, will be in Israel from 14 – 17 September for meetings and interviews. In this hour of great need, we want Israel and the Jewish people to know that there are hundreds of thousands of Christians worldwide, who are supporting them, praying for them and raising their voices against the division of Jerusalem.
  • Click here to see what you can do.

West Africa: Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone

We are pleased to announce that, following an extensive process, Christians for Israel’s new office responsible for West Africa has been given official recognition in Nigeria, under the name Christian People for Israel. Under leadership of Bishop Elemi Eni Samson (see picture), Christian People for Israel is now laying the foundations in order to raise more awareness in the churches in Western Africa about God’s love for Israel and the Jewish people, and raise prayer, financial and practical support for Israel. A media campaign has been launched in Nigeria, and contacts are being made with leaders of all church denominations. In partnership with Christians for Israel International, a series of conferences and meetings are being organized in Western Africa in November 2011.  Read more

East Africa: Uganda Conferences

Christians for Israel Uganda is organizing three mega Conferences in Kampala, Mbarara and Rushere with Rev. John Tweedie. Dates – 30 Sept-1 October 2011 for Kampala, 4 - 5 October 2011 for Mbarara, and 7 - 9 Oct 2011 for Rushere. Further information, contact C4I Uganda:

New publication shows Israeli settlements belong to Israel

Christians for Israel, in partnership with Destiny Image Europe, Christian Friends of Israeli Communities (CFOIC Heartland) and photographer/designer Theo Horneman, has published a new book called Judea and Samaria – the Heartland of Israel. The media often presents the West Bank as “occupied Palestinian territory” and the Jews as militant, aggressive occupiers of the land. This book presents a different reality. It shows that the so-called “occupied West Bank” is in fact the historical heartland of biblical Israel. Read more Publications

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