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Keep Jerusalem United

In the week of September 19th it is likely that the UN General Assembly will vote on whether to recognize the unilaterally declared Palestinian State. A Palestinian State based on the 1949 Armistice Lines would (once again) divide Jerusalem. The Old City – the heart of Jerusalem and the Jewish soul – would be torn out of the Jewish nation, and come under Arab control. All Jews would be evicted. Access to the Western Wall would be denied or greatly restricted. Synagogues would be destroyed. Appartments will be built in front of the Western Wall.

As Christians who love Israel and the Jewish people, and believe that God is restoring Zion to be a glory to His name, we cannot allow this to happen.

7 things you can do

  1. Come to Brussels for the Keep Jerusalem United demonstration being organized by Christians for Israel, European Coalition for Israel and other partners in Brussels on Monday 19th September from 1 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. Location: Place du Luxembourg (close to the European Parliament). Please spread the flyer in your network.
  2. Organize a public Keep Jerusalem United demonstration in the capital city (or other major city) in your country, prior to 19th September.
    The purpose of such a meeting is: to demonstrate our support for a united Jerusalem; to advocate on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people; and to pray for the meetings in New York to be prevented.
    Contact us at for advice about how you can organise such a meeting.
  3. Study and publish the San Remo Resources on your websites and wherever you can get access. The European Coalition for Israel has produced a number of background documents which demonstrate that, under international law, Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people, and therefore cannot be divided. These documents be downloaded here.
  4. Show, share and publish the film Give Peace a Chance
    · Click here to watch Give Peace a Chance.
    · Show the film in your church.
    · Create a link on your website.
    · Share the link with your Facebook friends.
  5. Join the Keep Jerusalem United Prayer initiative
    · Sign the pledge and join this new global grassroots movement in support for a united  Jerusalem under Jewish sovereignity, open for people of all faiths.
    · Follow the Keep Jerusalem United Blog.
    · Pray and fast, and encourage Christians in your country to pray and fast, for the Peace of Jerusalem in the weeks leading up to 19th September.
    · Use the prayer materials published on
  6. Send an Open Letter to the Political leaders in your country
    Download and sign this Open Letter and send it to your local member of Parilament or leader of government.
  7. Study and meditate on God’s word
    · Read and meditate on God’s word regarding His purposes with Jerusalem.
    · Use these Bible studies as a guide in your Bible study and meditation:

    - Blood & Soil: the bond between the people and the land of Israel…

    - How long will Jerusalem be trampled?
    - The New Testament expectation: Jerusalem the centre of God’s Kingdom
    - Jerusalem is above politics




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