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Give peace a chance!

Act now to defend the rights of the Jewish people to the land
Coming September, during the UN meetings in New York, the Palestinians will launch their UN bid to create a Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza. The UN General Assembly will be asked to recognize a unilaterally-declared Palestinian State. It seems certain that a majority of states will vote in favor of the Palestinian State. A unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state would not only violate important principles in international law, it would in fact put an end to the Oslo Interim Agreement by disregarding some if its most central commitments, namely, not to change the status of the West Bank pending the outcome of the permanent status negotiation. read more

Korean churches conference in Sydney

16-18 September 2011

The 250-300 Korean churches in the Sydney area, some big and some small, have been praying for a speaker at their conference since June last year. Then, in January 2011, the chairperson of KIBI Australia (Korea Israel Bible Institute) and pastor of the Forerunner Ministry in Sydney, Paul Wonil Jung, met Rev. Willem Glashouwer at the Ebenezer Emergency Fund 20th Anniversary in Jerusalem. “When I heard Willem speak, I knew that he was the answer to our prayers,” said Paul. God is networking al the time! read more

Africa Aflame for Israel

Uganda 2011 

What has formally been referred to as the ‘Dark Continent’ has become increasingly, in recent years at least, a place illuminated by the knowledge that God loves Israel. Perhaps because of their own tortured history, more and more Africans are beginning to identify with Israel’s current isolation suffering. This is true in particular for Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya and Cameroon where Christians for Israel has been much more proactive and because of relationships established by Jos van Westing, C4I International’s Director for Africa, with African students who had chosen to study theology in Europe. Some of these students have since returned home carrying with them the understanding of why and how Israel has become the most maligned nation on earth. They also have a burning desire to share this awareness with others and to raise prayer support for Israel thereby. read more

Conference in Kuala Lumpur

22nd & 23rd September, 2011

Rev. Glashouwer will be the main spealer at a two day conference on "Why End Times?" in Grace Assembly, Kuala Lumpur. Rev. Willem Glashouwer will speak about the following topics: 'Jerusalem city of God', 'Peace in the Middle East', 'The comming of the Lord', and 'The church in he End Times'. On Sunday, 25 September, Rev. Glashouwer will speak in Gordon's church in Kuala Lumpur. Please contact Henk Kamsteeg for more information:

The Real Saviours of Soviet Jewry

Gorbachev is not the man who 'let our people go' from Soviet Russia

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the failed coup against the former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev, which precipitated the dissolution of the USSR in December of the same year. The Soviet implosion opened the door to a massive aliyah of Russian Jews to Israel. On the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution, the largest, most rooted and most culturally vital Jewish community in the world was that of Russia. Seventy years later, with the demise of Communism, the Jewish community of Russia was shrunken and assimilating. Immediately upon his resignation, Gorbachev was proclaimed a hero by the “establishment" leadership of the Soviet Jewry movement. Some US rabbis declared that Gorbachev was “the man who let my people go”. It’s a false, perverted image of the Soviet tragedy. read more

Auschwitz Tour: 16-20 April 2012

Christians for Israel International offers a unique trip to Poland, where we will visit Auschwitz,  Jewish Krakow, and Schindler's Factory. At the end of this trip we will take part in the annual March of the Living held in Auschwitz, together with thousands of Jewish and Christian people. The tour is being organized by Christians for Israel International in co-operation with Shalom Ministries in Poland, and people of all ages can join this year.  More information will be provided soon on If you have any questions, please send us an email:

Israel documentary series Dr. Tweedie

Exploration Films invites you to travel thousands of miles to Israel – past, present and future - without ever leaving your home. Two popular documentary series, ISRAEL: A Journey Through Time and ISRAEL: A Journey of Light, are now available in 6-disc DVD box sets. Hosted by Dr. John Tweedie, both series were produced by Christians for Israel, Canada, and filmed entirely in HD on location in Israel. read more

New C4I branch in South Sudan

Pastor Robert Amule, acting chairperson of C4I South Sudan, writes about this new branch: “Praise Be to the Living God! I am grateful to God for the miracle of our new Country South Sudan that is truly an answered prayer to us and the team of Christians for Israel International (C4I). I remembered the great intercession prayer C4I Team all over the world had, for the freedom, justice and independence of South Sudan from the Arabs/Islamic ties. As a free State, we can now interact and travel to the Holy Land as our brothers and pray for the peace of Israel. I beleive this coming Holy Land mission trip, will be a great opportunity for the South Sudanese to bless the Jews after a long time of denied opportunity to express Love and Support to Israel, the Apple of God's Eye.”

Christians for Israel - new international structure

Those of you who have been reading The Messenger over recent years will have seen that the C4I movement is growing and developing rapidly. There are now Christians for Israel branches (affiliates), representatives and partners in 26 countries, and a wide range of projects in the field of media and publications.  The Board of Directors of Christians for Israel International feels it is necessary to move towards a new organisational structure that respects and encourages the unique dynamics and independence of each national C4I affiliate, as well as providing adequate guidelines and parameters for all C4I operations and coordinated expansion of the C4I movement. read more publications

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