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Christians for Israel Italy is born!

C4I has been established as a non-profit organisation in Italy.

We are delighted to announce the birth of a new Christians for Israel Affiliate: C4I Italy (Christiani per Israele Italia).

The Chair person is Edda Fogarollo, and there is a board comprising experienced Christians from Milan and Pescara. Willem Glashouwer is honorary President.  Plans are under way to launch Christians for Israel Italy in a series of conferences and meetings throughout the country in October/November 2011. Please pray for Edda and the new team.


Christen an der Seite Israels-Österreich

Austrian branch is developing speedily!

In May, Marie-Louise was asked to do a teaching about Israel at a breakfast for ladies of the Salvation Army.This took place on Israel's Independence Day, the 14th of May. The response was very positive and 6 books "Warum immer wieder Israel" (German version of Why Israel) were sold on the spot.
The basic course "Warum Israel" is taking place in Vienna for the third time, moderated by Marie-Louise, and there has been a request for a fourth round. The course has been very blessed so far. At the end of each course, and by request of readers of the newspaper, Marie-Louise takes groups through Vienna on a "walk through 800 years of Jewish history in Vienna". These walks have been extremely blessed and more and more people are getting interested to learn about the Jewish History and visit the Jewish Museums. This again encourages them to learn more about Israel. read more



Update about our Canadian Branch

Sandra O'Connell informs us about the Canadian developments!

Social Media is imperative here in Canada. With this in mind we focus much of our attention and energies into our website to make it a powerful source of information for anyone with questions about Israel, the Bible, and God’s love for His people. You can access the latest news, our weekly newsletter, upcoming events, prayer direction both for the ministry and Israel, video teachings, blogs, facebook, twitter and so much more.

We have seen the value in a well made, God inspired, DVD documentary series. Starting several years ago with the “Why Israel?” teaching we have since added “Israel: A Journey Through Time” and “Israel: A Journey of Light” to our repertoire. Through these videos we seek to arm people with the facts while sharing a glimpse of God’s heart for His Chosen people. God’s Favour has been with each of these projects read more

Rev. Willem Glashouwer teaches in Mexico

An amazing and succesful teaching tour from 23 -30 May!

Willem was invited to teach in Mexico by Ebenezer Operation Exodus. He spoke at the Bible school 'Christ for the Nations', where he gave two lectures, one in the evening for 100 students, and one during the day, also for 100 students. The conference, hosted by Ebenezer, was from May 25 to May 28. They were hoping for approx. 800-1200  attendees, but  2000-2200 people attended the first evening! On Sunday, May 29, Rev. Glashouwer spoke in various big churches. There was an overwhelming response to the message concerning God's love for Israel and the times we are living in! The situation in Monterrey, Mexico is very dangerous. There are approx. 19 murders, robberies, and kidnappings per night. We ask you to continually pray for the safety of the churches in Mexico.


European Coalition for Israel – San Remo project

C4I works with the ECI on a Statement against unilateral Palestinian State

The Palestinians are pushing for the international community to abandon the negotiations and recognize a Palestinian State on the Armistice Lines that existed before the 1967 Six Day war (the so-called "1967 borders"). The question may be decided in the next meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2011. This could result in a new Palestinian state consisting of Samaria, Judea and Gaza, with East Jerusalem (including the old city) as its capital. After 44 years as the capital of Israel and a united city open for people of all faiths, Jerusalem may again be closed under Islamic rule.

Christians for Israel is working with the European Coalition for Israel on several inittiatives to raise awareness about the rights granted to the Jewish people. This includes a Statement that we hope will be signed by a number of prominent (ex) political leaders in Europe. In addition, conferences are being organised in The Hague, Rome and Berlin, to inform political leaders about Israel’s rights to Jerusalem and the "West Bank" under the international agreements flowing out of the Balfour Declaration, the Covenant of the League of Nations, the San Remo conference and the Mandate for Palestine in the period 1917 – 1922.

New publication - Judea and Samaria book

Book about the so-called "occupied" West Bank.

The new book is published by Christians for Israel in partnership with Destiny Image, CFOIC and graphic designer and photographer Theo Horneman. The book is about the Jews who live in the West Bank. In this book you will discover a world which the modern media never talks about. You will discover the area which the Bible calls Judea and Samaria - the historicial and prophetic heartland of biblical Israel.

You will meet the people who are living in this land in the belief that God is bringing the Jews back to the land as He has promised, and in the expectation of the coming of Messiah. This book is written by Christians who share their belief and expectation. 

To purchase this book, visit:

The trip to the Ukraine organized by Koen Carlier

22 participants attended.

The trip was very special. Most participants had never been to the Ukraine. Together we got an impression about the ‘forgotten holocaust’ in the Ukraine. We had meetings with leaders of the Jewish Agency, the chief rabbi and his wife Inna. The whole group helped with packing 200 food parcels, which they handed out themselves to the needy and the poor. Participants were also informed about our Alijah work and met with a Jewish lady who will soon leave Bratslav to make Alijah.

Besides all these activities, there was also time to visit the historic center of Kiev, two concerts, the prettiest park in the Ukraine (in Uman), and we made an evening walk through the Jewish stettl (Jewish village) Shargorod. read more

Exhibition in Holland opened by Israeli Ambassador

The story of a Holocaust survivor who survived Auschwitz...

Dov Nash survived the holocaust as a boy of 15 years old. His father, mother and little brother were gassed in Auschwitz Birkenau. He and his 2 sisters survived the holocaust. As so many survivors Dov did not speak about his experiences for a long time. Today at the age of 81, he is ready to tell his children and grandchilderen about his horrible past by taking them to Auschwitz. Christians for Israel Holland filmed this trip and made an exhibition about Dov Nash and his family. The film also focusses on the impact of the holocaust on the second and third generation after the holocaust.  On May 31st the Israeli Ambassador of Holland opened the exhibition. This opening is the kick off for the coming 3 months that the exhibition will be open for the public. Hopefully more than 8000 visitors will come to see the exhibition. Watch the beautiful trailer.

Love China International

House churches in China love Israel
There are thousands of house churches in China, covering millions of Christians. Among these Christians the Biblical understanding  and love for Israel is growing. Love China International is a ministry based in the UK. The mission of Love China International is to assist and support the Chinese house churches. They do this by providing teaching materials and other resources to the house churches, and by building bridges between the house churches and (Chinese) churches and evangelical organisations in the West. From May 11-12, a delegation of Love China International visited us in Nijkerk.  Love China International has many contacts in China. Christians for Israel share the same vision of Israel and they would like to use our resources to offer training and teaching in China, specifically with regard to Israel. They have offered to translate our material into the Chinese language(s) and thus provide us with a channel into the PRC to execute our mission. We hope and look forward to develop and continue our partnership  with Love China International.

Upcoming Board meeting C4I International

June 22nd and June 23rd in the Netherlands, Nijkerk

The Christians for Israel International Board will meet on June 22 and 23 in Nijkerk, the Netherlands.  The board members will come from several countries to determine the C4I strategy. Please pray for safe travel for our board members, and for wisdom and guidance in their decision taking. Thank you. publications




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