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We wish you all a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

On behalf of the whole team of Christians for Israel International in Nijkerk-Holland a word of the Chairman and the President:


Rev. Dr. John Tweedie, Chairman of Christians for Israel International:
Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for your faithful prayers and efforts throughhout this year. Wherever you are in our global network, be encouraged that you are serving on a winning team, one that has the blessing of the Almighty God. May you and yours have a blessed Christmas and a glorious 2011.

Willem J.J. Glashouwer, President of Christians for Israel International:
Let us thank the Lord for everything He gave in the development of Christians for Israel International in this year of our Lord 2010. And let us all prepare in prayer and creative thoughts to do a lot more in the year to come! As long as there is still the daylight of the time of grace over the Gentile world, until the short period of night comes in which no one will be able to work, John 9:4. Jesus is Coming!

Plant a tree on mount Carmel...

The biggest fire in the history of Israel is finally under control. We all prayed for rain and God answered our prayers: the rain came down. Unfortunately this disaster has killed 41 people and more than 5 million trees are burnt. Christians for Israel Holland started to raise funds to plant trees on mount Carmel read more


European Training Conference 2010

A time not to forget!

Looking back as organizers of the conference held in Nijkerk, we feel very blessed. Teams from Italy, Hungary, Greece, Ukraine, Uk, Holland and Syria were present. All participants were full of passion to work for the Church and Israel in their country. Participants received training, Bible teaching and we enjoyed the fellowship together.This week of training was important to help the teams develop the work of Christians for Israel in their own country and to get to know the international movement of Christians for Israel better. We all felt connected in the same spirit. Praise the Lord.

Israelsymposium (Nov) in Vienna, Austria

"This day was a gift of God"

Above exclamation was heard throughout the day and in the thankful mails which I (Marie-Louise) have been receiving since. On Saturday, the 20.11.2010 around 150 people attended the first Israelsymposium organized by the Austrian branch of C4I, "Christen an der Seite Israels - Österreich".Theme: "Israel, the Church and the Nations - The signs of the times from a biblical perspective." read more

Tour to Auschwitz: March of the living 2011

C4I organizes an international tour to Auschwitz from 27 April - 2 May 2011

Christians for Israel offers an unique trip to travel to Poland to visit Auschwitz, the Schindlers Factory in Krakow, and to take part in the annual March of the Living held in Auschwitz together with thousands of Jewish and Christian people. The trip is being organized by Christians for Israel International in co-operation with Shalom Ministries in Poland, and will consist of an international group of people (aged between 20-40) from Austria, Germany and Holland. Costs only €325,- for 6 days! Register now, there are only 20 places available. read more 


The first newsletter in Bahasa Indonesia for many Christians in Indonesia

For those who can read the language of Indonesia: it is here! The first newsletter in Bahasa Indonesia for many Christians in Indonesia who heard Rev. Willem J. J. Glashouwer speak during his speaking tour in Indonesia 15 June - 06 July 2010. We praise the Lord for the openings He gave in many Christian Churches, Bibleschools, Christian congregations, seminars etc., in Indonesia and Timor Leste. We hope new speaking tours by Rev. Willem Glashouwer can be organized in the coming year 2011. Please pray for the deveopment of the work and the continuation of the message in this beautiful part of the world. Indonesian Christians need our support and prayer. PDF newsletter

Report C4I Cameroon 

The Police department in charge of our legalisation process has completed and sent a positive report to the presidency of the Republic regarding the status of Cameroon Christians for the Peace of Israel. Now we are told by the authorities to wait on the presidency for a final decision. read more 

Newspaper Israel & Christians Today 

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