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Auschwitz tour an impressive experience

March of the Living - a declaration of Life!

From 8-12 April C4I International organized an international trip to concentration-camp Auschwitz. The tour was led by Koen Carlier and Marianne de Jager, and was organised in partnership with Shalom Ministries Ozwiecim. On Monday 12th April the group of 18 Christians from 8 countries joined the March of the Living, a Jewish event which was attended by thousands of young Jews from all over the world to commemorate the Holocaust and to declare: NEVER AGAIN!  To be there as Christians and to walk with the Jewish people from Auschwitz to Birkenau was an experience never to forget! Watch the film that was made during the March of the Living by the Dutch National TV Station EO. ( In English)..

C4I for the first time in Surinam

Conference organized by Israel Comite Suriname

Willem Glashouwer was the main speaker at this 2-day conference organised by the Israel Comite in Surinam. Willem was able to teach extensively on the relationship of Israel and the Church;  Christians; the prophetic promises regarding the Promised Land Israel, in history and today. The eyes of many were opened, and there was a very positive response to this message, which for many participants was new. In addition, many meetings were held with local churches and organisations. We thank God for this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord and the body of Christ in Surinam, and look forward to a fruitful and blessed partnership with the IsraŽl Comite Suriname.


Conference in Auschwitz

Willem Glashouwer has been invited to speak at the 13th annual conference organized by Shalom Ministries in Auschwitz, Poland from 19-22 August 2010. Other speakers at this conference include Pastor Naim Khoury form Bethlehem, and Roman Gawel of Shalom Ministries.This conference is open to all interested persons. Please contact Shalom Minstries directly if you are interested in attending:  download invitation PDF


International Conference: Israel - Europe - the Church

Teaching and prayer

Christians for Israel International is planning to hold an international teaching and prayer conference in Switzerland from Wednesday 10th - Sunday 14th November.

Reserve these dates NOW!!! The conference will include interactive workhops led by several internationally renowned teachers, such as Barry Horner, Willem Glashouwer and Harald Eckert. There will be plenty of opportunity for prayer, worship and personal  interaction. More details will be publicized soon on the website and in the June edition of The Messenger.   

Arabic and Indonesian editions of Why Israel? book now available!

"The publication of these books is a strategic and important step for us"", notes C4I International Director Andrew Tucker. "Indonesia and most Arabic language countries are explicitly Moslim countries. We fully recognize that Christians in these countries live under often dangerous circumstances. You may ask why they should learn about Israel when it is so difficult to live as a Christian in these countries? The answer is simple: the return of the Jewish people is a sign of the coming of Jesus as Messiah. read more

Polish book Why Israel? and DVD 

In the meantime, the final touches are being made to the Polish language versions of the Why Israel book and DVD teachings by Rev. Glashouwer. We hope and pray that these materials will be ready and available at the conference in August.

Why Israel? Basic Teaching Course goes multi-language

The Why Israel? Basic Course presented by Rev. Dr. John Tweedie and produced by Christians for Israel Canada is being reproduced in various languages. This exciting 8-unit Basic Course is designed for individual and small group study.
The group package comprises
- A DVD box containing 8 DVD units, filmed in Israel.
- Participants and Facilitators Study Guides
- The book Why Israel by Rev. Willem Glashouwer

The English language version is available in North America from C4I Canada and for all other countries from C4I International in Nijkerk. For more information see

Upcoming translations Why Israel? Basic Course in 2010

In 2010 we hope to produce the Basic Course in the following languages:

- Polish (in cooperation with Shalom Ministries)
- Romanian (in cooperation with Alpha Omega TV)
- Hungarian (in cooperation with C4I Hungary)
- Russian (in cooperation with Ebenezer – Operation Exodus)
- French (in partnership with local partners)
- German (see below)

The Messenger will keep you updated concerning the developments of these different language translations.

Warum Israel? Basic Course in Germany

The German-language version of the Why Israel? Basic Course is being finalized and should be available before the summer. This production has been managed by C4I Germany, and will be published under the name Warum Israel?

Conference in Romania in co-operation with Alfa Omega TV

Teaching on Israel and Jerusalem

The conference in Timisoara started on 6th May Thursday evening, and continued on Friday 7th May.  Especially the evenings were attended by a lot of people. After the lecture about 'Christian Antisemitism' many people repented for the way Romania has treated the Jews. Like Daniel repented for the sins of his people, also these people repented for their country! The whole conference was taped and will be broadcast on Romanian TV (Alfa and


Conferences in Hungary

Rev. Glashouwer opened the conference held on a boat!

Straight after the conference in Romenia, Willem Glashouwer travelled to Hungary to speak at the conference organized by the recently established Isrel Forum. Willem reports: "The time in Hungary was very blessed. Especially the church service in Calvary Chapel Church in Budapest, where 300-350 young people attended the teachings!  Many were very touched by the message of God's faithfulness towards Israel and towards themselves! The conference conference organised  by the Israel Forum was held on a boat on the Danube River in Budapest. It was organised by C4I Hungary in cooperation with 10 other Israel movements. I was invited as guest of honor and had the privelege to open the conference". 

Newspaper Israel & Christians Today

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