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27th January: Holocaust remembrance day in Parliament

ECI initiative to commemorate the victims of the Shoah

The European Coalition for Israel together with the European Jewish Community Centre and Member of the European Parliament Mr. Alf Svensson, organize the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in the European Parliament on Wednesday 27th January.  C4I will attend the ceremony. The day will consist of:  

  • Exhibition about Kristall Nacht,
  • Ceremony & Prayer,
  • Film Defiance, with ASSI Bielski, the daughter of the hero

40 days of prayer and fasting in Germany

By Harald Eckert, Chairman of C4I Germany

The fasting and prayer initiative of Christians for Israel Germany has been picked up positively, especially by smaller groups and circles in Germany.  People are drawn into prayer easily. There is a sense of humility and joyful seriousness. Many people are fasting one way or the other. In some cities, like Dresden, Hamburg or Munich, larger worship and/or prayer meetings are drawing more people together. As for Harald Eckert (C4I-Germany) it is a great joy to see that the love for Jesus, the love for Israel, the love for the church of Jesus and a "priestly-prophetic" sense of responsibility for Germany, flow easily together.  

Gift for Hazon Yeshaya soup kitchens

Picture taken on 8th January 2010

The Dutch board of C4I Holland travelled to Israel to visit the project which they support by donating money. On the picture you see Willem Glashouwer with Abraham Israel (founding Chairman of Hazon Yeshaya soup kitchens in Jerusalem), handing over a gift of USD100 received from a donor in Indonesia.


C4I Austria is growing fast whithin 2 years..

Subscribers and donators are doubled, Austrian branch feels blessed! 

The Austrian branch (Christen an der Seite Israels- Österreich) is very thankful to report that within the 2 years of its existence the amount of subscribers to the newspaper "Israelaktuell" has been doubled, the income of donations to support the branch has been doubled and in 2009 the donations earmarked for projects have quadrupled. Further achievements:

  • In partnership with the European Coalition for Israel, C4I Austria has been able to find prayer teams and intercessors to pray for the 17 Austrian EU parliamentarians who are new in office. Each of the parliamentarians will be prayed for on a weekly basis, that the Lord may bless his work and family and that he would be a blessing to Europe and to Israel.
  • Marie-Louise (see picture) is planning to take a group of young Austrian adults to Israel in August. For all of the young participants this will be the first visit to Israel. Please pray for this trip already in its preparation stage.


Tour to Auschwitz: March of the living.

C4I organizes an international tour to Auschwitz from 8-13 April 2010

Christians for Israel offers an unique trip in April 2010 to travel to Poland to visit Auschwitz, the Schindlers Factory in Krakow, and to take part in the annual March of the Living held in Auschwitz together with thousands of Jewish and Christian people. The trip is being organized by Christians for Israel International in co-operation with Shalom Ministries in Poland, and will consist of an international group of people (aged between 20-35) from Austria, Germany and Holland. Costs only €280,- for 6 days! Register now, there are only 20 places available.  read more

Upcoming new Documentary:  'Israel: A Journey of Light'.

Challenge anti-Semitism by showing how the world has derived great benefits from Jewish/Israeli accomplishments.

Christians for Israel Canada is eagerly anticipating the release of its latest  made-for- T.V. documentary series, 'Israel: A Journey of Light',  (deadline Jan.31,2010). This is the long awaited sequel to C4I Canada's first documentary series, 'Israel: A Journey Through Time.' 

The new series will examine how Israel has influenced the world, and fulfilled her God-appointed mandate, by becoming "a light to the nations." Specifically, the series will focus on God's promise to bless the nations through Abraham's descendants. Among other things, the series will examine how Jewish adherence to Torah teachings and traditions has influenced international standards of ethics, morality and family life. The series will also illustrate how Jewish ingenuity and innovation in the 20th and 21st centuries have contributed to the well-being of humanity as a whole.

European Coalition for Israel Conference coming week!

ECI organizes conference for M.P.'s and Churchleaders in Brussels from 28-30 January

Topics that will be discussed:

  • How will the demographic changes in Europe affect our relations to Israel?
  • Is there still a 'Judeo-Christian Europe"?
  • What are the current challenges in EU-Israeli relations?
  • How can faith leaders and civil society help bring back hope to Europe?

Please pray for a successful conference! newsletter, register now!

Website for Biblical understanding concerning Israel & the Church

We are working hard to develop as a key resource in understanding Israel and the Church. Please send us contact details of friends or contacts who may wish to receive the weekly whyisrael-ALERT. Contact us via e-mail: for more information.
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African Christian leaders to visit Israel in March 2010

Date: from 21-28 March 2010,

Christians for Israel will lead a delegation of more than 50 Christian leaders from several African nations to Israel. The delegation includes senior businessmen, politicians and Church leaders. They represent many different African countries, including Uganda, Congo, Kenya, Cameroon and Nigeria. read more

New Colleague at the head office in Nijkerk

Wilma Stouwdam is our new assistant for administration and bookkeeping activities

Wilma started her work in Nijkerk in the first week of January. For 15 years she lived in Israel (Haifa). In Nijkerk she can continue her work for Israel. Contact if you have questions concerning:

  • resources
  • orders
  • payments
  • agenda of Andrew and Willem  

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