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Christians for Israel wishes you a blessed Christmas and prosperous 2010!

A word from the Chairman John Tweedie

Dear branch members, staff and friends,

Our international ministry is increasing as recent developments in Africa, Eastern Europe, and S. E. Asia clearly show. God is calling to our ranks brothers and sisters in Christ from among the nations. In other words, Christians for Israel International – the movement – is on the move… Simply put: we can enter 2010 with a tremendous sense of anticipation and hope. God is in control!  
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A word of encouragement

Prayer Co-ordinator Harald Eckert

"He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord is your
keeper; the Lord is your shade at your right hand". (Ps. 121, 4-5)

As the year 2009 draws to it's end and as we prepare for 2010 let's make it a point to acknowledge the grace of the LORD. He kept his hand graciously over Israel. He kept his hand graciously over the worldwide ministry of Christians for Israel. And he kept his hand graciously over you and me. He is the author of all victories and all good fruit. To him be the glory. But he is also the keeper in the midst of troubles. In the midst of challenges. In the midst of situations where others fell short and we fell short - the Lord kept his gracious hands over us! Let us thank him for his faithfulness towards Israel. Let us thank him for 2009. Let us thank him for each other. And let us worship him for who he is - the keeper of Israel - and yours and mine!
Have a blessed Christmas season!

Website for Biblical understanding concerning Israel & the Church

We are working hard to develop as a key resource in understanding Israel and the Church. Please send us contact details of friends or contacts who may wish to receive the weekly whyisrael-ALERT. Contact for more information.

You must see this film about C4I in Africa

Conference movie: Africa aflame for Israel

In October 2009 the new branch of C4I in Uganda organised a series of meetings and conferences in Uganda. John Tweedie, Jos van Westing and Andrew Tucker took part. Take a look at the film of 6 minutes where pastors from Africa testify of how C4I has helped their understanding about Israel. Movie Africa aflame for Israel..

C4I responds to Palestinian “Kairos” document

Christians have to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem.

On the 11th of December 2009, a number of leading Arab Christians published a document entitled “A Moment of truth - a word of hope, faith and love from the heart of Palestinian suffering”. It condemns the Israeli “occupation” of Palestinian territories as ”an evil and a sin that must be resisted and removed”.

Christians for Israel formulated a responce to the 'Kairos' document which has been sent to many Church leaders and Christian media in Holland. It is important that we take up the lead shown by the Dutch C4I branch and also respond to this internationally.  read the document 

C4I International - planning and strategy 2010

In 2010, C4I International will focus on the following areas of activity:

  • Regional development and training – continue to support the development of the ministry in Western Europe (especially the new branches in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece), Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania, Poland and Ukraine/FSU), Africa (Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda), Asia Pacific (especially South East Asia).
  • Media – further development of our work to disseminate our message via Christian television stations, particularly in Europe, Africa and North America.
  • Websites – continue to build and promote the and websites, as well as develop websites to support national C4I branches (currently Italian, Russian and Greek websites are under development)
  • Resources – develop Why Israel? Multi-media resources in Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Italian and Arabic.

C4I International welcomes new Executive Assistant

As of 1 January 2010 we will have a new International Executive Assistant

Wilma Stouwdam is a committed Christian who has been serving Israel and the Jewish people for many years. Aged 48, she is trained and experienced in managing Christian resources, financial administration and marketing and sales. She worked for many years as an Israel consultant for the Israel Products Centre in Nijkerk, and more recently lived and worked in Haifa, Israel for 15 years until 2009. In 1996 she completed studies at the Institute of Jewish Studies at the Philadelphia College of the Bible, USA.

Wilma: "I find it amazing that I can continue my work for Israel in this way.
Read more about Wilma

Harald Eckert's book 

"I felt a strong release from the Holy Spirit to teach about this"

Harald wrote his book about the Biblical times of restoration and the Church of Jesus  as a support to collective fasting and prayer.

Harald Eckert: " The biblical vision for the restoration of Israel and the church as an end-time testimony to the nations is the theme of my life. I have published a newspaper in the 1980s for 7 years with the title "restoration", etc. In late 2008 I felt a strong release from the Holy Spirit to teach about this theme much more openly than I did for a long time.  In my prayer time in early 2009 I felt a strong encouragement to publish my key talks on those themes for the 40 day prayer and fast period in early 2010. Which I now did". If you want to know more about the book e-mail C4I Germany:

Reminder ECI Conference – Brussels, January 2010

The ECI has the privilege to invite you to A-Leaders-Only-Conference

The conference is held in Brussels on January 27 – 29, 2010

  • Wednesday 27 January, 19.00 (Optional)
    Holocaust Memorial Service in the European Parliament
  • Thursday, 28 January, 2010, 9.00 – 13.00 (Optional)
    Opportunity to meet with national members of the European Parliament
  • Thursday, 28 January 13.00 – 18.00
    The changing face of Europe Christian club or emerging Eurabia?
    Members of the European Parliament, Academia and Church leaders speak about the challen-ges and opportunities of a multicultural society, changing demographics and the growing influence of secularization and Islam in Europe.
  • Friday, 29 January, 9.00-12.00
    Internal leaders’ consultation. How do we as church leaders in
    Europe respond to new forms of anti-Semitism, radical Islam and

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