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December 21, 2017

Help needed in Ukraine: food parcels!

Every year Christians for Israel distributes food parcels in Ukraine amongst struggling Jewish families, many of them are Holocaust survivors or refugees. A large group of volunteers assists Koen Carlier (our aliyah fieldworker in Ukraine) with packing and distributing thousands of food parcels and deliver them to needy Jewish Ukrainians. With the harsh Ukrainian winter at hand, and the explosive rise in living costs due to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, this is no luxury. And this is only the beginning.

Many Jews in Ukraine live in great poverty. By delivering a food parcel, we hope to encourage and show them that that they are not on their own. Besides that, these meetings provide an excellent opportunity to tell these people about the assistance we can provide in making Aliyah – to return to the Promised Land.The distribution of food parcels takes place in cooperation with the Jewish communities in Ukraine. They inform us of those with real needs, and often organize locations to which the parcels are taken for further distribution. When the people collect a parcel, they meet each other, and Koen has the opportunity to explain how Christians for Israel can assist them in preparing to make Aliyah.
We often read for them from the prophet Ezekiel 37 : 25 - 27 which people immediately understand!

Please help and support our food parcel action!

One food parcel costs € 10,- or US $12.-

 Donate in €  Donate in US $

1 food parcel consists of:

1 kg of sugar
1 kg of rice
1 kg of grits
2 kg of pasta
1 liter of oil
1 kg of flour
500 gr of oatmeal
1 box of tea
250 ml of condensed milk
1 can of fish
1 box of cookies
1 bar of chocolate
200 gr of coffee
1 can of peas
1 can of corn

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