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October 10, 2017

Important Visitors

On Monday September 11th, the Israeli Minister of Integration, Sofa Landver, came to visit Christians for Israel in Ukraine. She was accompanied by a number of representatives of the Jewish Agency, the Israeli Chief Consul from Kiev, and four Russian speaking deputy mayors from the Israeli cities of Bat Yam, Hadera, Nahariya and Migdal Emelek. They made aliyah years ago from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova!

First the group visited an aliyah fair in Kiev, where more than a thousand invited Jews could learn more about the many job openings in Israel and the corresponding free schooling! After that, the whole company left for Vinnitsa, where Sofa Landver shared a personal message with over 250 people!

Israeli Minister of Integration Sofa Landver addressing the attendants

She has been the Minister of Integration for many years. Thirty-nine years ago, she and her husband made aliyah themselves from Russia. Her husband was born and raised in Chernovtsy in Ukraine! She shared with the audience that when they made aliyah, everything was much simpler, but they did have to figure out a lot themselves and slowly integrated into the Israeli society through experience!

Nowadays the situation is very different. Israel is much better prepared for the arrival of new immigrants. And the Jews who leave Ukraine, and the rest of the world, are much better prepared and informed before they leave for good. Sofa clearly said: “If you are considering or are already planning to come to Israel, don’t delay it like many have done with great regrets afterwards”!

Afterwards, the director of the Jewish Agency, Ron Garfeld, explained the process of making aliyah, and the many opportunities that the Jewish Agency offers to integrate into Israeli society. Christians for Israel was thanked for their practical cooperation and for helping the olim (immigrants).

The four deputy mayors introduced themselves briefly. They too invited the Jews in Ukraine to come ‘home’. “We hope to welcome you in our city soon!”. The deputy mayors shared that they always personally meet the new olim who settle in their city.

At the end there was the possibility to individually speak to the mayors, Minister Sofa Landver, the Chief Consul and the representatives of the Jewish Agency. This opportunity was eagerly taken advantage of!

Oksana having a conversation with Minister Landver

My wife Ira and I made acquaintance with Oksana. She has eleven children between the ages of 18 months and 18 years, and she doesn’t quite know what to do! We introduced her to Sofa Landver, who gave very good advice about what to do and what not to do!

The next day, the whole company left for presentations in Chernovsty and Lvov! We left at three o’clock in the morning to the airport in Kiev with two vans full of olim.

A few days ago Oksana called to tell us the good news that she wants to make aliyah as soon as possible with her husband and eleven children. Even before the end of December of the year! We will now help them with the cost of their international passports, and will then take them to Kiev for an interview at the Israeli Embassy.

Koen Carlier
Aliyah Field worker in Ukraine
Christians for Israel 

To be continued...

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