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September 21, 2017

Samaria region settlement joins the First Home in the Homeland Program

How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel! (Numbers 24:5)

It finally happened! A new dot on the map of the First Home in the Homeland! Forty-four kibbutzim used to accept new Jewish immigrants in the frame of the "First Home" program. Now there are forty-five: forty-four kibbutzim and one settlement. For the first time a settlement in the northern West Bank joins the program. It is located just across the Green Line border. Hinanit is included into the First Home project only thanks to the decision of Christians for Israel to support the project!

The Hananit welcome sign

Settlement Hinanit (from Hebrew "Daisy") was established as a village in 1981 by Mountain Jews from the Caucasus (Region in South Russia). Today approximately 120 families live there. It is part of settlement block in the North of Samaria, surrounded by Arab villages of the Wadi Ara. Nowadays Hinanit is raising the third generation of Israelis already, grandchildren of the founders of this settlement. In the heart of the Land of Israel, in the beautiful landscape of Samaria.

The beautiful landscape of Samaria

During the months of August, September and October 2017 Hinanit is welcoming fourteen first families of olim. They will get a "standard First Home package" consisting of an apartment, school and after-school activities for children and a Hebrew course for parents.

Who will take care of the newcomers in HinanitHanan Niv, the secretary of the settlement, arrived to Hinanit when he was fourteen years old, his family was one of ten first families that established a village. 

Hanan Niv

Elena Zbarzevsky, his assistant, former chief of the JAFI office in the South-Eastern Ukraine, today works in the educational programs of the Samaria region.

The first family that arrived in Hinanit is the Ivanov family from Debaltseve (Eastern Ukraine).

Slaviansk, town in the East of Ukraine, after the bombing

Nikolay, Maria, their son Ruslan (13 years old) and the father of Mariya (68 years old). They fled from their hometown after the bombings and came to the Jewish Agency office in Kharkov. There they were told about the "First Home in the Homeland" program and realised that for their aliyah it can be a great solution. The team of Christians for Israel in Ukraine brought them to the airport where they boarded a plane to Israel.

Start of the school year in the regional school, olim children are among the others!

On September 24, 2017 there is an opening of the first First Home ulpan (sorry for the repetition, but this one is really First for all of us!) in Hinanit! 5 months, 5 days a week, 5 hours a day the newcomers are going to study Hebrew. We are curious and excited to meet all the participants and writing to you how they are doing in their new home.

Follow together with us the developments of the First Home in Hinanit. Thank you for your prayers and support! Great life-changing things are being done in small steps!

Again you will plant vineyards on the hills of Samaria; the farmers will plant them and enjoy their fruit. Jeremiah 31:5

Orly Wolstein
'First Home in the Homeland'
Projectmanager Jewish Agency for Israel

Many Jewish families from the Former Soviet Union want to join the 'First Home in Homeland' program. Also Jews from France have indicated that they want to join this program. Assisting a family in the "First Home" program costs € 230 euro / US $ 250 a month. Please support this 'First Home' program and help the people settle in the land of Israel! Any amount is welcome!

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