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August 31, 2017

“Israel Saved My Life”

By Koen Carlier,
Christians for Israel Aliyah Fieldworker

We have known 67-year-old Michael for many years. His only son has attended many activities over the years organised by the Jewish Agency, including summer camps! Michael knew that he would go to Israel one day, however, as often happens, that ‘journey’ was often postponed.

Michael was then struck with severe diabetes. It was so bad that the doctors said that they had to amputate both his legs! Michael was shocked. He realised that it meant he would slowly die. The amputation cost a lot of money, and there was no rehabilitation! He asked the Jewish Agency for advice. They were shocked to hear of Michael’s situation. After many calls between Jerusalem and Vinnitsa (Ukraine), they suggested that Michael and his wife make Aliyah as soon as possible. Upon arrival in Israel, he would be taken to hospital for a thorough investigation.

It was like the fast forward button was hit. Within a day, an interview at the Israeli Embassy in Kiev took place, visas were obtained, and they left for Israel. Fortunately, the Israeli Embassy has an emergency procedure in place for situations like this, but is mostly used for Jewish war refugees from the east of Ukraine. But there was one more problem: the doctors in Ukraine had not issued an official statement. Michael needed it for his flight to Israel, but he decided to leave at his own risk.

Finally, after many weeks, we received a call from his wife. She thanked everyone for their help. After a thorough medical, the Israeli doctors decided not to amputate his legs, just a small part of his right foot. Michael is doing well, and is currently in rehabilitation, waiting for a prosthesis.

Because they are new immigrants in Israel, everything was paid for by insurance. Michael feels like he’s been reborn! “Israel saved my life,” he responded happily. Their son is also soon leaving for Israel, then the whole family will be together.

Help with Transportation

Only a few Jews from Ukraine leave so quickly. It is a process that often takes a long time. Nevertheless, more and more people want to get their documents ready so that when it is needed, they can quickly leave Ukraine. They often have to travel huge distances to reach the Embassy or Consulate.

Christians for Israel assists with transportation by using our own vans or by hiring small and large buses to bring groups to the embassy or airport. The average cost for the full process is
€ 135 | US $160 per person.

Please support our Aliyah work. Any amount is welcome!

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