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May 17, 2017

Reaching Christians in China, Vietnam and Thailand!

Rev. Willem Glashouwer spoke at the “Asia Missions and Revival Conference” in Bangkok (Thailand), which took place mid-April. Rev. Glashouwer did teachings on Israel and on Matthew 24:1-3. The conference was attended mainly by people from China and Vietnam and all messages were translated into Mandarin and Vietnamese. Many of the attendees of the conference came to listen to the Israel message which was new to many of them.

Rev. Willem excitedly shares: "Our dear friend in Thailand, Nuan, of the Love Israel Club arranged a very professional Praise & Worship group to be present. The group gave a beautiful performance, including shofar blowers. Kees Brouwer, C4I representative in Thailand, arranged that copies of the books ‘Why Israel?’ and ‘Why End Times?’ were available in Thai and English."

Unexpected reconnection
During his days in Thailand Rev. Willem reconnected unexpectedly with Denis Balcombe, who was responsible for spreading the 'Why Israel?’ book in China many years ago. "Plans are now being made to start the Chinese translations of my Bible Study Books o ‘Why Jerusalem?’, ‘Why End Times?’ and ‘Israel: Covenants & Kingdom.’ These books will then be spread in China. These are all great developments!"

Please pray that the Message of Hope for Israel and the Church will further spread in Asia!


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