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March 23, 2017

Training New Christians for Israel Leaders

Following the successful Christians for Israel International Leadership Forum in Jerusalem (March 8 - 10, 2017), thirty new Christians for Israel leaders from nations such as Albania, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Ethiopia, Greece, Kenya, South Pacific, Tanzania, USA, Uganda, Vietnam and Zambia stayed on for an extra day of training.

Rev. Willem Glashouwer gave a lecture on the prophetic future of Jerusalem, and then spent half a day teaching on the Biblical relationship between the church and Israel (the Jewish people).

Andrew Tucker and Marie-Louise Weissenböck led sessions about the Christians for Israel core mission, vision, values and beliefs. One of the main topics we discussed was the need for training new teachers in the various regions about God’s purposes with Israel, the church and the nations.

All of the participants testified about the lack of knowledge in their countries about God’s relationship with the Jewish people, and what this means for the church. All agreed there is a desperate need for in-depth analysis and structured training about these eternal Biblical truths. Aspects of replacement theologies – in their various forms and guises – have become so ingrained in the church over such a long period of time, that it is not straight-forward to address and change these attitudes.

It involves a fundamentally new way of reading the Bible. We decided that we will organise a series of training and teaching conferences in Israel and in the various geographical regions of the world, to invite key pastors and church leaders to go deeper into God’s purposes as revealed in the Tenach and the New Testament.

We are thankful for these talented and committed teachers and look forward to working with them in the coming months and years as we grow into the Holy Spirit’s work of preaching the “signs of the times” concerning God’s eternal plans for the establishment of His kingdom and transforming hearts and minds around the world.

Andrew Tucker
Executive Director of Christians for Israel International
Legal Counsel for the European Coalition for Israel 

The Christians for Israel Leadership Forum 2017 participants 

You can watch lots of photographs from the Christians for Israel Leadership Forum 2017 on 

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