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May 16, 2017

A visit with a great outcome

When we, i.e. Christians for Israel, distribute food parcels, we always try to meet new families and tell them who we are and what we do and give them information about it. The other day we were in a small town to meet with the person responsible for the Jewish community and to visit a family.

After the visit we had to keep going to drive to another town, but the functionary insisted that we would visit one more family. We agreed and when we arrived at the address, the husband, Eduard, was already outside waiting for us in the sun to welcome us. He invited us to his typical Soviet apartment. Inside it also looked like we were still in the Soviet era. Eduard had always had a high position, but he could never reach the top because he was Jewish.

A great outcome
Now it was up to us to introduce ourselves and to tell him and his wife a little bit about Israel and about the return that a lot of Jews from Ukraine are making, both young and old. Eduard and his wife gave us their undivided attention, but when I finished talking he said: “We are too old to make aliyah!” I suggested: “But maybe your children or grandchildren will want to hear more about Israel?” Suddenly his face lit up and he replied: “I didn’t think that far ahead yet”. We gave him our flyer. It is the same flyer that is included with the food parcel. We told him that he is welcome to give us a call anytime. Eduard said he would give the information to his children and grandchildren.

The next day we received a phone call from his grandson. He really wanted to know more about Israel. We gave him the necessary information and instructions and very soon he will be going to the Jewish Agency for an interview! How wonderful! As you can see, you never know what the outcome of a visit will be. Who knows, the whole family might soon decide to emigrate to Israel.

An elderly couple hears about the return to the Promised Land for the first time. | Photo: C4I

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