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April 5, 2017

Pesach (Passover) 2017 in Ukraine - Updated version

The Jewish community in Mariupol in the East of the country near the war zone, is thanking Christians for Israel for the food parcels they receive on a regular basis! (See photographs below).

In March we packaged 2,500 food parcels and 500 thereof we distributed in Mariupol. The local rabbi, rabbi Mendel, provides for their spiritual wellbeing. The many Jewish refugees, especially from Donetsk, are also staying in Mariupol until the war will end. Unless a family decides to make aliyah. It is choosing either to try to rebuild your life after the war, which means returning to a bombed or plundered apartment, or choosing to return to another home in the Promised Land, which has been written about thousands of years ago by the prophets of Israel.

Soldiers die almost every day, both Ukrainian soldiers and pro-Russian separatists. Tens of thousands of apartments are destroyed by grad missiles. Over the last three years, since the beginning of the war in March 2014, more than 7,000 Jewish refugees have permanently departed to Israel, a safe hiding place!
Even rabbi Mendel, after years of doubt, is now seeing that eventually the Almighty will bring His people home. Starting last year, he now makes his small synagogue available for the Jewish agency to give aliyah seminars.

Many Jews are now preparing for Pesach (Passover) to remember the exodus from Egypt. For a lot of Jews this will become very personal as they are preparing to leave Ukraine for good. The drivers and staff of Christians for Israel in Ukraine help with this in practical ways, like providing free transportation for long journeys on poorly maintained roads, especially after the winter.

From six different airports there are regular flights to Israel where there are always a few seats reserved for the immigrants or “olim” as they are called in Hebrew. You can help us with prayers, a working visit, and financial support. Thank you very much in advance on behalf of the Jewish people in Ukraine! 

Also watch the video of the Jewish community of Mariupol in East Ukraine to thank Christians for Israel for the food parcels with a famous song of Mordechai ben David

Help the Jews come home!
Please support our action ‘Bring the Jews Home’.
It costs 135 euros or 145 US $ to assist one Ukrainian Jew for making aliyah.
Any amount is welcome!

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Watch some more photos below, including pictures of the new olim taking part in their first Seder in the Promised Land!

Every week the Christians for Israel drivers in Ukraine (we have in total eight mini buses) bring the young (and partly very young) and old emigrants (olim in Hebrew), to an airport for their final departure to Israel. On arrival in the Promised Land full explanation is given to them about their future in Israel by the Ministry of Absorption. After that they are taken to an absorption centre for their six month absorption program.

Below are some pictures from the Merhavia Seder with the Rabbi explaining the most important points of the ceremony as well as in the Jordan Valley (if you look attentively, you will find the olim you transported to the airport). Some of the just came back home from a two day trip in the North – we went to most of our places to congratulate the olim and the volunteers with the Pesach holiday.


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