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February 21, 2017

Thank you from the Jewish community in Ukraine 

From the Akselrod familiy.. Dear Christians for Israel staff. My name is Igor Akselrod. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Christians for Israel, its director and all staff for their help with the food parcels. More than a year ago my wife and I left Donetsk and moved to Mariupol. Needless to explain how difficult the current situation in Donetsk is. After much deliberation we decided to leave everything behind.

Until recently we were hoping that the situation would improve and we would not have to leave our home. But the situation got out of hand and we were forced to leave and all we could take with us were a few important possessions. It is very difficult for an elderly couple like us to live in a new environment. We miss our loved ones badly and are having a difficult time to make ends meet. 

Igor Akselrod and daughter

Mariupol is a turbulent city and its citizens are in dire straits. I would like to emphasize that your work is very important for us. Many of us don’t know how to ask for help. Our Jewish identity teaches us to not get discouraged and always put our trust in the Almighty. I am so happy that His help came through you! I am so happy that my prayers were answered and that G’d used your hands to support the Jews. Thank you for your friendship and your generous hearts! With much respect and gratitude, Igor Akselrod.

From the Saenko family.. Our family, like many others, living in the cities of the Donbass region are trapped in a war zone. We fled the horrors of the war to the more peaceful towns of Ukraine. Leaving behind our dear friends and relatives, leaving our jobs and homes, leaving everything ...

We ran away into uncertainty to save the lives of our children. We left, hoping to be back soon in our peaceful towns after the war. But it has already been two years since we moved to Mariupol. My children go to school and I work as a guard in a restaurant although I am highly educated and had my own small business in Donetsk.

My wife is still looking for work. We are trying to get used to the present situation and hope and believe that one day we will be back in our native town. In spite of great difficulties, we are not discouraged, we try our best to overcome all obstacles. Thank G’d, that on our journey we meet sincere and caring people who provide real help. This gives us strength, faith and hope. I knew about my nationality since I was a child, but because of a lack of time, I almost never attended synagogue, I was not registered in the Donetsk Jewish community.

Here in Mariupol, when my family faced real difficulties, I came to the local Jewish community . There they heard my story and put my name on the list. More than anything that helped me in every possible way. Food parcels from Christians for Israel helped our family to survive. They are a real help! Each food parcel has so many products of good quality! My kids are looking forward to them!! I do not know how to put into words all the feelings that I have. Thank you very much. May your fund grow and become better! I wish you a lot of success in what you do! May G’d keep all of your workers in good health and help them in their work. Thank you very much! The Saenko family.

All this would not have been possible without the help of you, all the contributors who so generously donate to Christians for Israel and allow Koen Carlier and his field workers to help the Jewish community in Ukraine with food parcels and also in helping the Ukrainian Jews make aliyah! Thank you very much!

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