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January 19, 2017

Answer to prayer after Paris "Peace" Conference

By Christians for Israel International.. Seventy nations met in Paris (Sunday January 15, 2017) and signed a Joint Declaration in which they called on Israel and the Palestinians to re-commit themselves to the "two states" solution which they say is the "only way to achieve enduring peace". The declaration, which was perhaps less problematic for Israel than anticipated, has no binding force. But it does have a strong political significance because it supports Security Council resolution 2334 that declared ALL Israeli settlements (= Jews) "illegal", and will only strengthen the desire of many nations to ensure that a Palestinian state is created.

On the positive side it is very significant that the UK refused to take part in the meeting and to sign the declaration. It seems that UK PM Teresa May is strong in her determination to protect Israel, and a strong UK/US alliance is developing. The UK this afternoon blocked a proposed EU Foreign Affairs council decision to implement the Paris declaration. And US Secretary of State John Kerry has also promised Israel that it will not allow another UN Security Council resolution to be passed this week (it had been feared that the U.S. may have been prepared to push through another resolution before Pres. Donald Trump is inaugurated).

So all in all: it seems that the damage is relatively limited, no disastrous developments are expected this week, and once Donald Trump takes over on 20th January the political landscape will be very different. 

We must thank the Lord for having His hand over events and we can remain assured that He will continue to protect his people. But the international pressure on Israel to make concessions will no doubt increase in the coming months. So it is essential that we remain in prayer and fasting in the coming days, and we must also continue to work hard to defend Israel in the political arena. 

Towards the end of this week we will be able to report again with more news and analysis, and new developments cannot be excluded. But this is essentially the situation for now.

Blessings to you all and thanks for your prayers and actions on behalf of the Jewish people.

Andrew Tucker LLB (Melb) BCL (Oxford) is
Executive Director of Christians for Israel International,
Legal Counsel of the European Coalition for Israel and
Founder of The Hague Institute for InternationalLaw Studies on Israel and the Middle East 

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