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January 19, 2017

Spreading the message in Southern Russia

For many years already, Rev. Willem J. J. Glashouwer (President Christians for Israel International) travels to Russia once or twice per year to speak and teach about God’s purposes for Israel and the Church. These travels have taken Rev. Glashouwer across the country, often times including 24-hour trips by train, covering distances of 1,000 kilometers (about 650 miles).

The 12th Russia speaking tour, organized by our partner Ebenezer Operation Exodus, took place from 9-21 December 2017. Rev. Glashouwer and Boris Vasyukov from Ebenezer traveled to the south of Russia this time. Speaking engagements and meetings with pastors were organized in the towns of Volgograd, Sochi, Rostov, Azov, Taganrog, and Novocherkassk. In Rostov there was a special meeting with many youth.

People responded very positively to the message. Rev Glashouwer shares: "We reached between 50-60 pastors, many churches and Christians, many young people as well. The ‘Dialogue of Jews and Christians’ as Boris Vasyukov was so led by the Holy Spirit who opened so many minds and hearts for the Biblical message about Israel, the End-times and the Coming of the Lord and of His Kingdom, that it was very heartwarming for all who participated. Lina from Moldova was an excellent translator! During this tour invitations came from other parts of Russia, for instance from Kaliningrad for April 2017. And an all-Russia conference is planned in Moscow for April 2018."

Lyuba, Ebenezer base leader in Rostov, tells us what the impact was: "The speaking tour with Rev. Willem Glashouwer and Boris Vasyukov was a very important event for our region. We had been preparing for that for several months and it was quite a challenge to arrange seminars and speaking engagements, as some congregations find the subject 'Israel' not an easy subject. Nonetheless, we had been persevering in prayer for a breakthrough. We were so inspired to see the fruit of our labour! We received positive feedback from many of the church leaders, who shared that they had heard a very “sound and balanced” teaching, which had given them a deeper understanding of God’s plan for Israel."

So it was very much worth its while for Rev. Glashouwer to face the challenges of travelling in Russia in wintertime. Among them one trip by train of 22 hours (1 day + 1 night) and another trip at night by train of 11 hours!

The book Israel: Covenants & Kingdom was translated into Russian and available during the speaking tour. The books Why Israel? and Why End Times? were already available in Russian. We praise God for this wonderful opportunity in Southern Russia.

We kindly ask you to pray for the planning and preparation of speaking tours in 2017 in Russia. We also ask your prayer for Boris, leader of Ebenezer Russia, since he suffered from a mild stroke. Pray that the Lord will raise Boris up quickly so that he can resume his important work all over the Former Soviet Union!

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