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January 5, 2017

In the darkest time of the winter – Hanukkah is coming! 

In five regions of Israel First Home is preparing for the big celebration! For some olim it's the first Hanukkah in their life! Many of them only learn what this holiday means for us and why it's called Festival of Lights. The most important participants of every celebration are children. They prepare candles, receive Hanukkah Geld (symbolic money as a gift for kids in Hanukkah), learn songs and tradition of the feast. 

Now it's their beloved holiday! We invite you to take a look at the Hanukkah preparations in the kibbutzim of the Upper Galilee (maybe some faces look already familiar to you? 

One of the families took part in the aliyah flight from Ukraine on the first of September 2016). And – you still have some days to join us here for the celebration! Hag Sameach from the First Home in the Homeland

Orly Wolstein
'First Home in the Homeland'
Projectmanager Jewish Agency for Israel


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