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November 28, 2016

New Christians for Israel team established in Albania

Following a successful events in Tirana with Rev. Willem Glashouwer (President C4I International), Marie-Louise Weissenböck (C4I Regional Director Europe) and Edda Fogarollo (C4I Italy) in the past two years, Andrew Tucker (Executive Director C4I International) visited Albania from Wednesday 26th - Saturday 29th October 2016. He travelled with Anglican minister Rev. Grant Crowe (All Saints Church Amersfoort Netherlands). Edi Demo (Illyricum Movement) set up a wonderful program. 

During these two days we met with several Christian leaders who have expressed their deep conviction that the churches in Albania need to understand God's purposes with Israel. The church in Albania is very young, and there is a great opportunity to contribute to evangelisation mostly amongst (former) moslims and church-building in this nation with the understanding of Israel and the Kingdom of God. We believe that an understanding of Israel is a critical aspect of understanding the Kingdom of God, and our hope as Christians of the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

A working team has been established under leadership of edit Demo, and in the coming months the leadership team will be trained. 

We thank God for the opportunity to serve the body of Christ in this small but very important nation of Albania. 

                                                                                                                                        Edi Demo (r.) together with Rev. Crowe, Enkelejda Shelbourne and Jona Shelburne at Media 7 - Christian radio in Tirana

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