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December 7, 2016

Dark clouds above the land of the north

You hardly hear anything about it, but the war in the east between the Ukrainian army and the separatist militants continues unabatedly. We could clearly hear that during our stay there. The fights in the vicinity of the large seaport and industrial city of Mariupol intensified. Ironically enough a new non-official border wall arose there manned by the army to enter and leave the war zone.

At the same time “walls” are being demolished between Christians and Jews who give their very best to collectively help fleeing Jews and those who want to leave for good. Several local rabbis realize now that the Almighty is bringing His people home from the Diaspora (dispersion). They place their community centre at the Jewish Agency’s and Christians for Israel’s disposal to explain what it means to make aliyah. Until recently this was unthinkable.

Aliyah day
Traditionally the months of November and December are very busy with a lot of Jews who want to go to Israel before this year’s end. On November 8, 2016 the official Yom HaAliyah (Aliyah Day) was celebrated and exactly on that day (by mere chance) a group of Jews left from Kiev. The managing director of the local Jewish Agency joked for a moment and said: “Since the beginning of the Jewish Agency in 1929 it has been Yom HaAliyah every day”, so it is. For almost ninety years the Jewish Agency is helping Jews worldwide to return home and since 1991 helping Jews from the land of the north.

Winter’s early start
We took Inna and her husband to the airport to leave for Israel for good at the end of November. During the long drive on snow-covered roads – winter started early this year with layers of snow and a lot of traffic disruptions – Inna told us that she as the last Jewess from her family is leaving the Diaspora for good. Her uncle was the first one to leave in 1991 from a small town and soon after her parents, her grand parents and their children and now lastly, 25 years later, Inna left.

Dark clouds
The dark clouds unfortunately continue to cover the land of the north. Many people in Ukraine expect a third revolution. The consequences will be incalculable. What the future may bring remains reading tea-leaves, but under His blessings we continue to comfort and bless the Jews of Ukraine wherever we can. Together we can make a difference! 

Koen Carlier - Aliyah Fieldworker in Ukraine
Christians for Israel

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