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November 25, 2016

Breaking news - First Home between the fires

The 24th of November is the second day of Alina Gorlin in Israel, her second day as an Israeli and also her birthday. One day ago she made aliyah together with her husband Evgeni from Moscow, Russia and came to the kibbutz Ein Hashovet in the North of Israel via First Home in the Homeland.

In the morning she went out of the kibbutz to buy a birthday cake in the nearby city of Yokneam but instead of coming back to her new home she's still on the roads, because all the ways to Ein Hashofet are blocked – fires spread all over the area.

Another family, Gennadiy and Vera – landed at 13.00 hours at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. They made aliyah from Minsk, their first warm Israeli home was waiting for them in Ein Hashofet – but – the road is closed, Gennadiy and Vera went out from the airport at 20.00 hours heading to the North. Are you sure? – asked the driver. – I cannot guarantee that we are able to pass through the fires.

Now the family is on their way to Ein Hashofet, fires went further to the direction of Zichron Yakov. Officially the road is still closed, but the volunteer from the kibbutz will meet the family before the dangerous part of the road and show them another way.

It's a difficult day for the whole country, please pray for everyone who is in danger fighting with the fires now.

In the coming days we expect many olim families with young children making Aliyah please also pray that olim will not be afraid to come after they see on the news what is going on in Israel.

Orly Wolstein
First Home in the Homeland - Jewish Agency for Israel

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