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November 8, 2016

Working visits to Ukraine - Additional information 

Each year Christians for Israel organizes working visits to Ukraine. These are one-week trips (from Saturday to Saturday). At the beginning of the week the participants spend one day packing food parcels, which are then brought by bus to poor Jewish families in various cities and villages.

Christians for Israel organizes several working visits each year. They are especially important in the lead up to winter. In 2017, we plan to organise 6 working trips to Ukraine. See the dates below!

Each trip has a minimum of five and a maximum of twenty persons.

Participants book their own flights to Kiev/Borispol, where they are met by Christians for Israel Ukraine's aliyah field worker Koen Carlier. You probably know Koen from the many stories published in our newspapers and websites.

The cost of each working trip is € 400/ $ 450 per person (land arrangement only, snacks and drinks included). Participants are encouraged to arrange their own travel insurance.

Participants must make sure they have a valid passport that is valid for at least 6 months.

These working visits offer a unique opportunity to meet Jewish people, discover the country of Ukraine, and understand the history of the Jewish people in Ukraine. Little is known in the West about the tragic suffering of the Jewish people in this country.

Our desire is to enable those who have supported our work for many years to visit and experience our participation in the “Bring the Jews Home” project, and to bless the Jewish people in Ukraine. Participants return from these working visits as ambassadors of this special work that we as Christians for Israel are doing in Ukraine.

The following six programs are planned in 2017.

1. Saturday 25 March - Saturday 1 April
Int. study/working trip. Landarrangement 400 E/450$

2. Saturday 6th May - Saturday 13th May
Int. study/working trip. Landarrangement 400 euro/450$! Special guests : Alan Freeman and his wife Sue Freeman journalist from the 'Times of Israel' will join! 

3. Saturday 17th June - Saturday 24th June
Int. study/working trip. Landarrangement 400 euro/450$

4. Saturday 16 September - Saturday 23 September
First Int. Isreality study/working trip. Landarrangement 350 euro.

5. Saturday 11 November - Saturday 18 November
Int. study/working trip. Landarrangement 400 euro/450

6. Saturday 9 December - Saturday 16 December
Int. study/working trip. Landarrangement 400 euro/450$ 

For more information, please contact:

Dutch: or



If you are not able to join one of these working visits please consider supporting Christians for Israel's food parcel project and support the many lonely Jews, Holocaust survivors and Jewish refugees from Eastern Ukraine with food parcels.

Our visit is a great encouragement for them. It gives us the opportunity to share with them about Gods love and faithfulness to His people. Will you help the Jewish community in Ukraine? 

1 foodparcel costs € 10 or 12 US $
5 foodparcels cost € 50 or 60 US$
20 foodparcels cost € 200 or 240 US$

Any amount is welcome!

 Donate in €  Donate in US $


Thank you on behalf of the Jewish community in Ukraine!

Koen Carlier - Christians for Israel's Aliyah Fieldworker in Ukriane


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