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November 1, 2016

Christians for Israel Supports Aleh

>> 24 May 2017 will be the 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of the City of Jerusalem
To celebrate Jerusalem’s 50th anniversary, Christians for Israel has decided to raise funds for a very special project - a brand new 2-story High Dependency Wing at Aleh in Jerusalem which will accommodate 24 patients. The new wing will be opened on Jerusalem Day - 24th May 2017. An International Christians for Israel delegation is likely to be present for the opening and for the 50th anniversary celebrations in Jerusalem.

This very special project is being sponsored by Christians for Israel worldwide, in partnership with Keren Hayesod-UIA (United Israel Appeal), who work with the global Jewish community to nurture disadvantaged and weak communities in Israel. Each organisation has committed to raising 300,000 euro each.

Aleh has invited Christians for Israel volunteers to work side by side with Aleh staff. Christians for Israel NZ visited Aleh when they were on tour in 2015. They were most impressed. In recent months, several Christians for Israel young adults have volunteered with Aleh, including a group of five Isreality young adults who spent four days at Aleh in Jerusalem in July 2016. It was a deeply moving for all volunteers to share in the life of these severely handicapped children and experience the love of those who care for them.

>> About Aleh Jerusalem
, Israel’s largest and most advanced network of residential facilities providing rehabilitation, therapy and assistance to children and young adults with complex disabilities, was established in 1982 by parents of severely disabled children. Aleh is guided by the belief that every child, no matter how severely disabled, deserves love and respect and has the inalienable right to fulfil his or her potential and enjoy a high quality of life.

Aleh operates four facilities in different parts of Israel providing medical and paramedical care, special education, vocational work opportunities, social activities and outpatient services to more than 650 severely disabled children and young adults who, thanks to Aleh, are able to live in much the same way as their non-disabled peers: attending school, participating in vocational training programmes and enjoying activities such as swimming at the beach or touring the countryside.

In Israel today, children and young adults with complex medical conditions requiring advanced nursing care are often hospitalised long term or placed in old-age homes, due to the lack of a better solution within a safe medical environment. These settings offer little or no opportunities for rehabilitation, education, social activity, or the warmth and love of a home. Being confined in this way drastically inhibits the children’s development, and is an agonising and painful option for parents and families.

The solution is to establish high-dependency wards within a rehabilitative environment so that children with complex disabilities and medical conditions can live a more enriching life. In recognition of Aleh’s successful track record in dealing with disabilities, the government has chosen Aleh as the first organisation of its kind to open high-dependency wards in its rehabilitative facilities.

The demand for Aleh to accept more children requiring advanced nursing care keeps growing. In addition to high-dependency children, a new group of patients has been recognised, namely, young people who have been involved in major accidents or have been injured in violent incidents and are considered to be “non-rehabilitative”. Currently, these patients are housed in nursing homes or geriatric supportive wards, regardless of their age. Families of these patients have also approached Aleh to accept their loved ones within our facilities.

This led to the idea of establishing a ward for the population up to age 50 that would take into consideration their special needs, which differ greatly from those of the elderly population.

For more information about the volunteering at Aleh, please send an email to Christians for Israel International office:

We invite you to assist Christians for Israel to raise funds for this very special project.

All donations are welcome! 

We will publish regular articles about this project on our website, social media and in the Israel & Christians Today International newspaper.

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