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October 19, 2016

South Pacific is Developing Fast

By Robert Siakimotu - Christians for Israel South Pacific Development Co-ordinator.. The South Pacific containing four representatives and one affiliate is developing well. I am hoping to appoint a new representative in Tonga in the near future. Here are some brief comments about the four representatives with one to be appointed in Tonga and our affiliate in Fiji.

>> Fiji - Lepani Makubuna

Lepani Makubuna is the National leader for Christians for Israel Fiji. He is supported by his wife Salote, and they have both been to Israel as part of the NZ tour in 2015. Lepani was commissioned by Harold Eckert, former Christians for Israel International Chairman. They have been successful in developing Christians for Israel in Fiji and it has been a pleasure to stay at their home many times. Lepani has a greater challenge than most because Fiji is so widely separated. He is currently looking for local people to become representatives in the western, northern and maritime provinces of Fiji, and is making steady progress. So far, they have had two national conferences, the last being only a couple of months ago. I had the privilege of being the principle speaker at that recent conference.

Lepani Makubuna

>> Cook Islands - John Tangi

John Tangi is the Christians for Israel representative for the Cook Islands. Based on
the main island of Rarotonga, John is a pastor of the New Hope Church. He is also a clerk of Parliament, and was once an MP of the Cook Islands. He is very keen to have Christians for Israel well established in the Cook Islands. We are helping him to become a national leader and also have the Cook Islands as an affiliate of Christians for Israel in early 2017.

John Tangi

>> Niue - Poi Okesene

Poi Okesene is one of the leaders in the Apostolic Church in Niue. He works full-time as a quarantine officer with the Niue government. Poi and his wife Dew, are very happy to represent Christians for Israel in Niue, and continues to promote Christians for Israel amongst the other churches there. Our aim with Poi is to also help him to be a national leader and Niue to become an affiliate in the near future. Being a Niuean myself I am in Niue from time to time, so I can therefore be of help to Poi on a regular basis.

[Poi Okesene - No photograph available]

>> Vanuatu - Martin Sokomanu

Martin Sokomanu is the Christians for Israel representative of Vanuatu. Martin and his wife Lilian, are also very keen to represent Christians for Israel in Vanuatu. It is also part of our plan to have Martin and Lilian become national leaders and Vanuatu to become an affiliate of Christians for Israel.
Martin is a very busy man; being the head of Lands and Survey, and Head of that Department within the Vanuatu government, as well as an active leader of the Vanuatu Presbyterian Church.

Martin Sokomanu

>> Samoa - Suisamoa Mataafa

Pastor Suisamoa Mataafa is the Christians for Israel representative for Samoa. He and his church have a very special monthly prayer meeting specifically focusing on Israel.
I first met Suisamoa at the first conference held in Fiji. Suisamoa is the founder and Senior Principle Pastor within their churches in Samoa, New Zealand and Australia. We are also aiming to have Pastor Suisamoa as a national leader in the future and Samoa becoming an affiliate of Christians for Israel.

[Suisamoa Mataafa - No photograph available]

>> Tonga

I have had contact with a few key church leaders in Tonga who are very supportive of the idea of having Christians for Israel establishing a chapter in Tonga. I am hoping to appoint a representative in Tonga in the near future. There are other Pacific Islands that we are looking at and considering in relation to having Christians for Israel established.

>> In General

I have been greatly helped by the constant contact by Christians for Israel New Zealand. I am in constant contact with Graeme Lee, who is the Christians for Israel National Leader in New Zealand. He has been desirous to complete the appointments for the South Pacific. I also look forward to working with Ian Worby, incoming Regional Director for Oceania/Pacific

Ian Worby - Incoming Regional Director for Oceania/Pacific

Robert Siakimotu - Christians for Israel South Pacific Development Co-ordinator

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