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October 14, 2016

PRESS RELEASE - Friday 14th October 2016

Christians for Israel condemns the resolution adopted by UNESCO yesterday 13th October 2016 on "Occupied Palestine".

The resolution, in which Israel is repeatedly called "the occupying Power", attacks Israel's activities in and around the Temple Mount, and calls on Israel to stop obstructing Jordanian and Palestinian "restoration" works on the Temple Mount. The resolution refers to the Temple Mount as "Al-Aqsa Mosque/Al-Haram Al-Sharif", thereby rejecting any historical or religious connection between the Jewish people and the Temple Mount.

Christians for Israel International President Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer stated today: “The Old City of Jerusalem is intimately and inextricably connected with the Jewish people. As Christians, we reaffirm the historical and Biblical connection between the Jewish people and the Temple Mount, and we defend their rights to access the Temple Mount. The international community must not give in to those who deny the existence of the Jewish people and their intimate connection with the land, especially the Temple Mount.”

According to Christians for Israel International Executive Director Andrew Tucker, the resolution does not reflect international law, and should be rejected by the UNESCO Executive Board. "Because so many states abstained from voting, this resolution was able to be adopted by less than half the UNESCO Executive Board members. A minority of Israel-bashing states have been able to claim to represent the majority of international community. That is a gross misuse of UNESCO, and an abuse of the international legal order. It is time for those states that abstained from voting to declare their opposition to this resolution, and on all peace-loving states to openly oppose the historic and legal revisionism that is being pushed by certain UN member states."

Glashouwer reaffirmed the significance of the Temple Mount for Christians and Jews. “The Temple Mount is a Holy Place not only for Muslims, but also for Jews and Christians. It is central to the Biblical expectations of both Jews and Christians concerning the coming of Messiah. By condemning Israeli activities and demanding that Israel respect the 'historic status quo', UNESCO is giving in to Islamic claims to exclusive control over the Temple Mount. That is a fundamental breach of the rights of both Jews and Christians with respect to Temple Mount.”

In a reaction to the resolution, Chief Rabbi Benyamin Jacobs of the Netherlands has stated: “I am shocked because for thousands of years Jerusalem and the Temple have been mentioned in our prayers. This UNESCO resolution denies the deep historical and religious connection between Jews and the Temple Mount. I am very concerned it will stimulate the growing anti-Semitism in Europe towards Israel and the Jews in a time when tolerance should be preached. I am thankful that some European countries like Netherlands, Germany and UK voted not to support this aggressive resolution against Israel and the Jewish people.”

Christians for Israel is an international, non-denominational movement representing over 200,000 Christians in over 40 nations on all continents.

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