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August 31, 2016

Hope for Lydmila

Lydmila Chernyavskaya from Luhansk walked almost all the way to Kharkiv right after her house suffered massive shelling. She is 74 years old and has no relatives left. Lydmila lived for some time in Kharkiv in the emergency center for refugees, but then headed for Rovno to find a job there, since her scanty pension made it difficult not only to live a life, but even to survive. Finally, she made it to Kiev. While being in the capital of Ukraine, Lydmila visited the consul a couple of times with the papers she took with her from Luhansk.

During the Second World War her mother met a Jew and they fell in love. Lydmila's birth in 1942 was the result of this romance. Lydmila's mother wrote her Jewish father's name and surname in her birth-certificate, but during the war they couldn't issue notice of their intended marriage. It was not until 1946, when they got a chance to officially marry. This fact is the very obstacle Lydmila is struggling with her entire life, trying to prove she's a Jew’s daughter. It is a long and a very sad story!

However, Lydmila is not alone with all her struggles. On Sochnut's request (Jewish Agency for Israel; Hebrew: ha-Sochnut ha-jehudit (הסוכנות היהודית)) we from Christians for Israel in Ukraine started helping her and are determined to do our best to start a new and happy episode for her. Right now we're waiting for another official paper from the archives we applied for recently.

We wish her godspeed!

Nataliya Krizhanovski - Aliyah Fieldworker Christians for Israel Ukraine

Lymilla Chernyavskaya


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